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primitive - 204 results
artists (noun)

draftsman, Impressionist, classicist, cartoonist, the Bloomsbury Group, the avant-garde, caricaturist, futurist, artist, illustrator.

simple (adjective)

first, embryonic, rudimentary, fundamental.

Other synonyms:

untaught, underlying, noncivilized, barbarian, civilized, unpolished, caveman, Canuck, instinctive, the community, indigenous, Carboniferous, yokelish, uninstructed, bad-mannered, the Cretaceous, commonplace, normal, impromptu, innocent, pristine, simpleminded, coincidental, knowledge, wild, uncivilized, uninitiate, Cro-Magnon man, Gothic, diptych, wild, dewy, unmannerly, unrefined, uncivilized, untrained, green, coolie, elementary, unexceptional, unsophisticated, old-time, unsuspecting, early, the Dreamtime, barbarous, civilisation, archaic, dago, uncritical, colored, original, accidental, barbaric, random, uninitiated, dated, Eskimo, rough, cracker, naive, obsolete, vulgar, uncreated, unworldly, untamed, unknowing, advanced, elemental, uncultured, civilization, doodle, ordinary, standard, prime, involuntary, natural, black, daub, bounderish, underdeveloped, autochthonic, lowbred, crude, gross, fossil, low-tech, ignorant, ingenuous, aquatint, uncivil, mundane, culture, rude, backward, untutored, benighted, ultimate, noncivilised, essential, simple, unmannered, ill-bred, fundamental, immemorial, arbitrary, earthy, savage, collage, naif, ignorant, ill-mannered, ammonite, barbaric, uncultivated, uncultured, civilize, cartoon, era, blunt, aboriginal, primitive person, unintended, unprocessed, primary, fierce, unenlightened, canvas, fossilized, old-fashioned, unremarkable, unsuspicious, civil society, cultural, dewy-eyed, wide-eyed, everyday, nondescript, aw-shucks, out, start, by accident, undomesticated, good, patriarchal, abstract, native, savage, cross-cultural, spontaneous, bas-relief, underbred, primal, barbarian, coon, fossilize, surface, civilise, animal, unwary, old-world, barbarous, routine, unlearned, low, raw, uncouth, caricature, stark, basic, coloured.

Examples of usage:

Oh, we'll rough it more or less, but it won't be absolutely primitive,- not by a long shot!" - "The Come Back", Carolyn Wells.

Off goes the father, and that savage mother, in a primitive way, is a wife. - "Editorials-from-the-Hearst-Newspapers", Brisbane, Arthur.

They were very primitive people in Billingsfield. - "A Tale of a Lonely Parish", F. Marion Crawford.

Similar words:

primitive person, primitively, primitivism, primidone, prioritize, primate, primarily, primitiveness, primipara.

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