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uncritical - 39 results
Examples of usage:

She did not wholly deserve it: but it must be said that nothing she wrote can really be ranked as literature, save on the most indiscriminate and uncritical estimate. - "The English Novel", George Saintsbury.

The girl before him gave him what he could not get at home, an abject adoration, uncritical, unabashed, unrestrained. - "In the Heart of a Fool", William Allen White.

It is manifest that tradition assumed various forms after the death of Jesus; that legend and myth speedily surrounded His sacred person; that the unknown writers were influenced by the peculiar circumstances in which they stood with respect to Jewish and Gentile Christianity; and that their uncritical age dealt considerably in the marvelous. - "The Canon of the Bible", Samuel Davidson.

Similar words:

unchristian, uncordial.

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