Synonyms for Uncritical:


all (adjective)
indiscriminate (adjective)
Imperceptive, undiscriminating.
shallow (adjective)
shallow, skin-deep, surface.
superficial (adjective)
uncritical (adjective)
indiscriminate, Imperceptive, shallow, cursory, undiscriminating, superficial.


pliable, uncomplaining, like a lamb (to the slaughter), resigned, long-suffering, biddable, patient, stoical. shallow, superficial, one-dimensional, surface, sketchy, cursory, skin-deep. imprudent (noun)
indiscriminate, rash, Imperceptive.
uncritical (noun)
indiscriminating, noncritical, undiscriminating.

Other synonyms:

long-suffering, uncomplaining, one-dimensional, biddable, stoical, resigned. patient, cursory, pliable, skin-deep. sketchy, shallow. Other relevant words:
pliable, sketchy, resigned, rash, skin-deep, cursory, uncomplaining, patient, long-suffering, biddable, Imperceptive, surface, superficial, stoical, one-dimensional, shallow, indiscriminate.

Usage examples for uncritical

  1. The girl before him gave him what he could not get at home, an abject adoration, uncritical unabashed, unrestrained. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White
  2. It is manifest that tradition assumed various forms after the death of Jesus; that legend and myth speedily surrounded His sacred person; that the unknown writers were influenced by the peculiar circumstances in which they stood with respect to Jewish and Gentile Christianity; and that their uncritical age dealt considerably in the marvelous. – The Canon of the Bible by Samuel Davidson