Synonyms for Draftsman:


artist, architect, engineer, interior designer, designer, Delineator, graphic designer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, starchitect, civil engineer. artists (noun)
caricaturist, cartoonist, futurist, the Bloomsbury Group, classicist, the avant-garde, impressionist, artist.
draftsman (noun)
draughtsman, drawer, draftsperson.
person (noun)
draughtsman, drawer, draftsperson.

Other synonyms:

civil engineer, architect, structural engineer, starchitect, illustrator, interior designer, engineer. planner
Other relevant words:
caricaturist, illustrator, engineer, designer, futurist, Delineator, classicist, cartoonist, starchitect, architect, impressionist, artist.

Usage examples for draftsman

  1. As a draftsman Raphael was second only to Michael Angelo, with whom he must forever share the immortality of fame. – Italy, the Magic Land by Lilian Whiting