Synonyms for Planner:


calendar, blotter, book, album, baby book, datebook, appointment book, audio book, diary, address book. dossier, Consent Form, company report, confidentiality agreement, blue book, concept statement, certificate, document, Annual Report. organizer, the brains behind something, architect, conspirator, schemer, mastermind, strategist. city, citywide, civic, cityscape, built-up, civilization, charter, citified, city planning. designer (noun)
architect, administrator.
executive (noun)
Detailer, member of the planning commission, administrator, board member, long-range planner, director, member of the executive committee.
planner (noun)
deviser, contriver.

Other synonyms:

conspirator, mastermind, strategist, architect. organizer. Other relevant words:
conspirator, architect, contriver, strategist, appointment book, organizer, schemer, director, charter, administrator, mastermind.