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servants (noun)

footman, help, domestic service, cabin boy, housemaid, houseboy, butler, girl, amah, handmaiden.

adult (noun)

elder, adult, woman, grown up.

Other synonyms:

agent, cannon fodder, supporter, bit, commando, human race, Homo sapiens, slob, soul, humanness, lad, objet d'art, military personnel, heat, constabulary, fuzz, enforcer, hubby, spouse, lover, constable, castle, citizen, bird, control, joker, devotee, Green Beret, policewoman, bluecoat, hell, mankind, adulthood, human being, for heaven's sake/sakes, bastard, flatfoot, packer, domain, gendered, crank, sonny, flash, the body politic, missis, consenting adult, joe, the opposite sex, paymaster, grenadier, humanity, musical composition, businesswoman, homosexual, countryman, character, baby, baron, chief, oneself, customer, badass, duck, campus, administrator, missus, spell, auditor, peace officer, for crying out loud, heroine, firearm, human, bloke, airman, chappie, match, unanimously, account executive, human beings, police officer, GI, carpenter, partner, finest, law, police force, gay, slice, piece of music, galoot, devil, autocrat, bro, serviceman, worldly concern, blade, farrier, soldiery, figurehead, aficionado, gentleman's gentleman, husband, dropout, your fellow man/men, cat, peeler, patrolwoman, employer, mature, egg, thing, brother, force, layperson, hermaphrodite, bombardier, old man, citizenship, creature, coming of age, cobbler, cosmos, fresher, follower, check, old man, myself, personage, individual, engineer, cabinet-maker, military man, piece, swain, actuate, isle of man, sort, businessperson, sex, sport, the many, life, master, Big Man on Campus, androgynous, party, bishop, daredevil, kidult, lion, bod, patrolman, majority, birthright, risk-taker, earth, on the factory floor, fish, darn, eject, homo, united, mortal, humankind, humans, gender-specific, flesh, itself, fanatic, alumnus, operative, valet, face, gasman, flick, chessboard, energize, son, the shop floor, troops, give me strength, composition, capitalist, ambassador, enthusiast, macrocosm, chessman, gender, for pity's sake, adventurer, chieftain, specimen, beau, dictator, themselves, reality, tough guy, gambit, small-arm, art object, mate, hominid, police, hero, opus, dude, gendarme, patch, buddy, globe, universe, foot soldier, engage, glassblower, fella, chess, alum, bmp, being, scout, activate, evangelist, copper, Sir, alumna, coax, mister, forewoman, grand master, himself, he, policeman, cooper, jack, body, life partner, demagogue, while, gender identity disorder, ourself, cookie, yeoman, homophile, buster, head, aboriginal, a man, all together, checkmate, officer, part, crew, airwoman, wight, what's the big idea?, capture, countrywoman, give me a break, fan, existence, gambler, coed, valet de chambre, herself, what's that supposed to mean?, world, electrician, cop, bull, bookbinder, compatriot, lady, businessman, person, ourselves, themself, earthly concern, bobby, bud, adult male, the establishment, stiff, creation, helpmate, boss.

Examples of usage:

A man would have, a man. - "Yolanda of Cyprus", Cale Young Rice.

What a man you are! - "The Lesser Bourgeoisie", Honore de Balzac.

What is it now, man? - "Moon of Israel", H. Rider Haggard.

Similar words:

service man, rewrite man, rich man, Rhodesian Man, Trinil Man, straw man, stunt man, stickup man, right-hand man, Stan The Man.

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