Synonyms for Man:


citizenship, countrywoman, citizen, hominid, birthright, compatriot, aboriginal, the body politic, countryman. beau, yeoman, he, administrator, swain, businesswoman, sir, mister, baron, boss, ambassador, master, businessperson, agent, account executive, capitalist, blade, businessman. flash, crank, engage, actuate, coax, flick, eject, person, control, activate, energize. enthusiast, supporter, lover, being, soul, individual, personage, party, devotee, fan, creature, mortal, follower, body, aficionado, life, evangelist, fanatic. homo sapiens, coming of age, mature, consenting adult, majority, adulthood, flesh, kidult. gambler, police, law, copper, police officer, badass, fuzz, gendarme, policewoman, peace officer, policeman, tough guy, patrolman, heroine, officer, peeler, Bluecoat, finest, bobby, patrolwoman, constable, heat, hero, lion, adventurer, bull, risk taker, daredevil, cop, flatfoot. airman, foot soldier, green beret, bombardier, gi, grenadier, commando, cannon fodder, airwoman, crew. alum, fresher, COED, alumnus, BMP, Big Man on Campus, campus, auditor, alumna, dropout. demagogue, enforcer, chieftain, figurehead, chief, dictator, autocrat, the Establishment, employer. the many, your fellow man/men. bishop, chessboard, gambit, castle, chessman, grand master, checkmate, check, capture, chess. for heaven's sake/sakes, give me strength, for crying out loud, what's that supposed to mean?, darn, for pity's sake, brother, what's the big idea?, give me a break. bookbinder, farrier, glassblower, cobbler, gasman, cabinet-maker, electrician, cooper, carpenter, engineer. buster, buddy, sonny, BRO, sport, son, bud. packer, on the factory floor, paymaster, forewoman, the shop floor, operative. Ourselves, Themselves, Itself, themself, Himself, Myself, Herself, ourself, Oneself. match, lady, missis, life partner, missus, mate, helpmate. artifact (noun)
butler (noun)
gender (noun)
hermaphrodite, gender identity disorder, Gendered, gender-specific, layperson, androgynous, gender, the opposite sex.
human being (noun)
mortal, person.
husband (noun)
partner, husband, spouse.
in unison (noun)
unanimously, all together, united.
lawman (noun)
male human (noun)
son, guy, sir, brother, fellow, spouse, he, swain, gentleman, beau, husband.
man (noun)
piece, gent, humanity, masculinity, mankind, guy, gentleman's gentleman, male, humans, world, gentleman, humankind, manhood, human race, fellow, human beings, boy, chap, buck, Valet De Chambre, military personnel, adult male, human being, human, hombre, military man, isle of man, valet, serviceman.
mankind (noun)
human beings, populace, humanity, citizenry, people, public, culture, community, Family, species, mankind, human race, society, commonwealth, humankind, folk.
person (noun)
servant (noun)
servants (noun)
amah, help, domestic service, cabin boy, housemaid, houseboy, girl, footman, butler, handmaiden.

Other synonyms:

gambler, coming of age, hero, adventurer, he, fanatic, tough guy, aficionado, kidult, enthusiast, lover, personage, packer, life partner, spouse, daredevil, person, devotee, adulthood, homo sapiens, missis, consenting adult. forewoman, paymaster, flesh, supporter, fan, lion, evangelist, yeoman, majority. individual, operative, mature, creature, badass, follower. officer, soul, bull, son. partner. lady, mortal. heat, brother, life. being, mate. master. law, party. body, match. gender
layperson, gender, gender identity disorder, the opposite sex, gender-specific, Gendered, androgynous.
valet de chambre
Valet De Chambre.
Other relevant words:
cop, chieftain, being, adulthood, law, master, auditor, airwoman, electrician, autocrat, paymaster, agent, housemaid, party, lady, fan, activate, coax, glassblower, cooper, farrier, he, check, world, brother, military man, adventurer, footman, demagogue, Himself, ourself, bishop, mature, life, girl, constable, androgynous, forewoman, badass, grenadier, darn, heat, carpenter, devotee, chessman, homo sapiens, human, valet, police officer, capitalist, campus, unanimously, piece, engage, aficionado, capture, layperson, administrator, creature, gi, alumnus, individual, daredevil, human being, crew, operative, body, sonny, sport, BRO, flick, packer, enthusiast, chief, bull, help, husband, son, engineer, themself, control, gentleman's gentleman, businessman, countrywoman, dropout, peace officer, Gendered, citizen, alum, flash, spouse, birthright, majority, gambler, hero, energize, hominid, match, boss, blade, soul, airman, aboriginal, gasman, houseboy, military personnel, ambassador, COED, risk taker, policeman, missis, cabinet-maker, butler, Myself, fuzz, compatriot, bookbinder, amah, yeoman, heroine, peeler, policewoman, lover, gender-specific, Itself, follower, chess, mate, mortal, citizenship, Valet De Chambre, employer, isle of man, bud, united, Herself, figurehead, commando, Oneself, hermaphrodite, patrolman, buster, humans, Themselves, fanatic, chessboard, dictator, helpmate, countryman, patrolwoman, BMP, enforcer, actuate, missus, alumna, sir, gender, handmaiden, copper, supporter, bobby, Bluecoat, finest, beau, personage, businesswoman, kidult, flesh, lion, crank, buddy, adult male, bombardier, businessperson, serviceman, gambit, mister, checkmate, gendarme, evangelist, police, eject, fresher, swain, castle, cobbler, baron, partner, person, Ourselves, officer, flatfoot.