Synonyms for Workman:


mason, builder, joiner, plasterer, bricklayer, hardhat, tiler, surveyor, roofer. roustabout, working girl, worker, Workwoman, work, hand, workingwoman, laborer. laborer (noun)
worker, toiler, operator.
roustabout (noun)
hand, worker, Workwoman, working girl, workingwoman.
workman (noun)
working person, working man.

Other synonyms:

workingwoman, Workwoman, working girl. roustabout, laborer. worker. hand. worker
Other relevant words:
roustabout, working girl, worker, Workwoman, toiler, hand, workingwoman, laborer.

Usage examples for workman

  1. " Tell Mr. Wright that I've got through with his company, an' he can put a man in my place whenever it suits him," the miner said to the messenger, and the latter had hardly reached the store before a workman from Blacktown arrived with the startling intelligence that the four who had been accused of the robbery had purchased a large tract of land on the mountain, and were about to open a mine. – Down the Slope by James Otis
  2. Michael turned out to be a workman such as that merchant had never yet employed. – The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart by Adelbert von Chamisso Wilhelm Hauff
  3. But what about the workman – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell