Synonyms for Autocrat:


boss, demagogue, the Establishment, enforcer, chief, employer, figurehead, chieftain. authoritarian, over, taskmaster, disciplinarian, nag, big brother, control freak, martinet, gatekeeper. autocrat (noun)
despot, totalitarian, authoritarian, tyrant, dictator.
dictator (noun)
authoritarian, totalitarian, tyrant, despot.
person (noun)
despot, tyrant.
tyrant (noun)
dictator, totalitarian, despot, tyrant, oppressor.

Other synonyms:

demagogue, control freak, employer, chieftain, big brother, disciplinarian, taskmaster. enforcer, gatekeeper, chief, martinet, figurehead. boss, nag. authoritarian. Other relevant words:
chieftain, employer, martinet, disciplinarian, taskmaster, enforcer, nag, figurehead, gatekeeper, boss, chief, authoritarian, over, demagogue.

Usage examples for autocrat

  1. Such was the all- powerful autocrat to whom the simple- hearted Iermola was about to apply in the hope of buying his white goat. – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  2. But we would point out to them that, in such a case, they had better at once abandon all idea of three or four hundred per cent dividends with which the wily autocrat at Brussels has doubtless primed them. – The Congo and Coasts of Africa by Richard Harding Davis