Synonyms for Girl:


damsel, maid, kitten, bairn, broad, bird, pigeon, issue, adolescent, nymph, skirt, imp, filly, cherub, child prodigy, maiden, teenager, minx, boomerang kid, tomboy. madam, servant, waitress, sunshine, ma'am, girls, babe, sister, help. mother's boy, lover, niece, sweetheart, kids, nephew, firstborn. doe, duck, hen, ewe, hind, cow, jenny, dam. the fair sex, housewife, working girl, womenfolk, womankind. female (noun)
female child (noun)
girl (noun)
girlfriend, lady friend, fille, young lady, little girl, miss, daughter, female child, young woman, missy.
juvenile (noun)
maid (noun)
housemaid, maid, handmaiden.
servants (noun)
footman, handmaiden, domestic service, servant, cabin boy, houseboy, amah, help, butler.
woman (noun)
frau, female, lady, femininity, gentlewoman, squaw, dame, womanhood, woman, milady, matron.
young female person (noun)
daughter, damsel, teenager, young lady, young woman, lady, adolescent.
young person (noun)
juvenile, kid.

Other synonyms:

firstborn, the fair sex, boomerang kid, ewe, niece, teenager, tomboy, cherub, child prodigy, womenfolk, jenny, adolescent, nephew, doe, womankind, imp, mother's boy, housewife. hind, hen, maid, nymph, working girl, issue, cow. dam, madam. duck. maiden
Other relevant words:
footman, missy, girlfriend, sweetheart, imp, ewe, lady friend, babe, nymph, lover, damsel, servant, adolescent, maiden, fille, miss, young lady, handmaiden, little girl, niece, doe, cow, girls, bird, houseboy, female child, womenfolk, dam, womankind, housemaid, maid, tomboy, amah, filly, teenager, young woman, broad, skirt, daughter, minx.

Usage examples for girl

  1. Will you let me say this to you, little girl – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  2. The girl was Anna. – Bad Hugh by Mary Jane Holmes
  3. What can you do for my girl – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland