Synonyms for Womanhood:


fast, feminine, maidenhood, majority, matronly, maturity, pert, wanton, womanliness, womanly. distaff, womenfolk. gender, womankind. adulthood (noun)
distaff side (noun)
womankind, womenfolk.
femininity (noun)
majority (noun)
manhood/womanhood (noun)
femininity, womanliness.
maturity (noun)
muliebrity (noun)
woman (noun)
dame, female, femininity, frau, gentlewoman, girl, lady, lass, matron, milady, squaw, woman.
womanhood (noun)
muliebrity, woman.

n. & a.

femininity/feminine (noun, adjective)

Other synonyms:

distaff, matronly, womankind, womanly, womenfolk. feminine, majority, wanton. fast. Other relevant words:
distaff, fast, feminine, maidenhood, majority, matronly, maturity, muliebrity, womankind, womanliness, womanly, womenfolk.

Usage examples for womanhood

  1. Speak as a woman, If there is womanhood in you to speak. – Yolanda of Cyprus by Cale Young Rice
  2. Our course of lessons for this term brings us to- day to Jephthah's story; to decide on the amount of blame due to the father is not a matter which so nearly concerns us as to learn the lesson of true womanhood taught us by the daughter. – Stray Thoughts for Girls by Lucy H. M. Soulsby
  3. The sense of her womanhood lost for a moment in the ecstasy of worship, had returned to her, but with a new and tremendous meaning which seemed to change her nature. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens