Synonyms for Womanhood:


maidenhood, feminine, pert, majority, fast, wanton, womanliness, womanly, matronly, maturity. womenfolk, distaff. womankind, gender. adulthood (noun)
distaff side (noun)
womenfolk, womankind.
femininity (noun)
maturity (noun)
muliebrity (noun)
woman (noun)
femininity, lady, gentlewoman, girl, dame, milady, female, woman, frau, lass, matron, squaw.
womanhood (noun)
woman, muliebrity.

n. & a.

femininity/feminine (noun, adjective)

Other synonyms:

distaff, womanly, matronly, womenfolk, womankind. majority, wanton, feminine. fast.

Usage examples for womanhood

  1. Speak as a woman, If there is womanhood in you to speak. – Yolanda of Cyprus by Cale Young Rice
  2. The sense of her womanhood lost for a moment in the ecstasy of worship, had returned to her, but with a new and tremendous meaning which seemed to change her nature. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens