Synonyms for Marshal:


mixer, analyst, demonstrator, operator, collector, dispatcher, officer, animateur, navigator. adjutant, brigadier general, co, chief of staff, aide-de-camp, constable, deputy, sheriff, policeman, brigadier, col, patrolman, colonel. assemblyman, chancellor of the exchequer, alderman, move, chief executive, cabinet minister, agent, alderwoman, assemblywoman, chief minister, chancellor. operate, coordinate, dispose, reorganize, deploy, manage, range, restructure, prioritize. chief of police, captain, commissioner, cop, CDR, copper, bobby, cadet. judge (noun)
marshal (noun)
mobilize, mobilise, summon, marshall.
person (noun)


organize, guide (verb)
array, systematize, dispose, group, order, Methodize, arrange, deploy, mobilize, rank.
prepare (verb)
foster, fit, curry, draft, mobilize, fabricate, furnish, develop, ready, formulate, make, construct, fashion, outfit, equip, dress, prime.

Other synonyms:

demonstrator, operator, collector, reorganize, prioritize, mixer, analyst, restructure, dispatcher, animateur, navigator. deploy, coordinate. dispose. manage. operate. order
Other relevant words:
cadet, range, sheriff, manage, patrolman, chief of police, operate, officer, summon, coordinate, marshall, dispose, deputy, aide-de-camp, commissioner, policeman, colonel, constable, chief of staff, restructure, mobilise, captain, brigadier, mixer, navigator, operator, brigadier general, deploy, adjutant.

Usage examples for marshal

  1. The second was the marshal of France, and he went at it now, on hearing of the first man. – The Missourian by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
  2. " If your majesty will permit me," said General Kockeritz, " I will accompany the field- marshal – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  3. Serve under me, and I will make you a field- marshal a prince. – Marie by Alexander Pushkin