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duration (noun)

epoch, aeon, cycle, season, period, age, measure, time, interval, span, course, spell, duration, interim, era.

fruits (noun)

bilberry, beefsteak tomato, black currant, ackee, blood orange.

Other synonyms:

view, construe, go through, sweetie, get a line, companion, sequence, go out, interlocking, generation, picture, year, countdown, day of the month, meet and greet, out, engagement, run into, lifetime, term, delay, battle, date stamp, semester, young, examine, address, Sun., particular date, life, realise, come across, day, ageless, go steady, realize, catch, scrutinize, fight, quarter, dated, youthful, Monday, honey, fancy, regard, cohabit, friend, dally with, experience, ascertain, old-time, meshing, fitting, interview, visualise, hear, caption, control, encounter, booking, bodyguard, insure, find, get wind, youth, go with, see to it, enter, life span, get word, conflict, Sat., Mon., figure, meeting, while, take in, agree, meet, significant other, appointment, the man/woman in your life, attend, complete, learn, employment, partner, study, a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, squire, standing, succession, squeeze, Fri., hour, Sunday, moment, cheat, assignation, well-preserved, pickup, antiquated, visit, understand, continuance, distance, assignment, review, inspect, go together, enshrine, run, sweetheart, appointee, reckon, check over, assure, low-tech, chapter, century, reign, girlish, project, backdate, look, monitor, watch, block, check, go over, pick up, consider, fool around, run across, participation, tryst, accompaniment, court, image, Saturday, take care, lover, M., designation, annotate, witness, salon, call, primitive, younger, carry on, girlfriend, eon, reunion, fill out, discover, troth, trick, love, Friday, archaic, mesh, ensure, boyfriend, escort, betrothal, visualize, see, rendezvous, naming, leave, involvement, steady, determine, involution, old-world, fill in, get out, old flame, exit, envision, interpret, fresh-faced, find out, backgrounder.

Examples of usage:

The best strategy for a great first date is to go into it with the goal of simply enjoying yourself, instead of harboring an agenda to win him over.

On this work he has written his name and the date in gold letters. - "The Lives of the Painters, Sculptors & Architects, Volume 1 (of 8)", Giorgio Vasari.

Circumstances have changed much with them since that date. - "The Landleaguers", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

to date, maturity date, due date, out-of-date, dated, short-dated, data, dat, distributed data processing, remote-access data processing.

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