Synonyms for Dam:


set up, put up, gate, erect, embankment, assemble, grade, throw up, go up, put together, wall, ditch, extend, bank, build, construct. earthwork, dry-stone wall, mother, groyne, mare, barrage, parent, groin, breakwater, bulwark. hold in, master, manage, deal with, conceal, bottle up, suppress, keep back, repress. artifact (noun)
dam (noun)
dkm, dekameter, dyke, decameter, levee, dam up, dekametre, decametre.
embankment, wall (noun)
barrier, grade, gate, obstruction, barrage, bank, levee, ditch, hindrance.
hindrance (noun)
interruption, entanglement, resistance, hindrance, stoppage, drawback, obstruction, blockade, obstacle, bafflement, constipation, barrier, deterrent, entrapment, disadvantage, opposition, impasse, hurdle, restraint, damper, restriction, frustration, blockage, constraint, complication, inhibition, impedance, impediment, encumbrance, congestion.
levee (noun)


contact (verb)
dam up.
hinder (verb)
block, congest, obstruct, detain, hamstring, burden, complicate, deter, foul, handicap, impair, inhibit, choke, counter, entangle, crimp, curb, hinder, bottleneck, tangle, resist, cripple, bung, entrap, frustrate, mire, jam, fetter, plug, restrain, stay, drag, clog, baffle, delay, cramp, constrain, impede, paralyze, thwart, snag, restrict, catch, stop, snarl, bar, hamper, check, constipate, oppose, interrupt, encumber, brake.
hold back; block (verb)
repress, hinder, hold in, obstruct, restrain, brake, impede, restrict, bar, clog, choke, suppress, check.

Other synonyms:

dry-stone wall, groyne, ewe, wall, doe, breakwater, mother, earthwork, jenny. hen, cow, groin, hind, grade. barrage, bulwark. girl. duck. dike
female horse
Other relevant words:
dekameter, dyke, doe, embankment, hold in, decameter, dam up, groin, build, mare, ditch, keep back, grade, jenny, bulwark, groyne, construct, ewe, breakwater, bottle up, barrage, girl, duck, mother, dekametre, parent, earthwork, hen, conceal, levee, erect, hind, dkm, gate, assemble, bank, wall, decametre, cow, extend, repress, suppress, master, manage.

Usage examples for dam

  1. The dam may hold half an hour, or it may not. – Tom Swift and his Giant Cannon or, The Longest Shots on Record by Victor Appleton
  2. And it floated to within two miles of the King's chief city, where there was a mill, and it came to a stand- still at the mill- dam – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  3. And if there is too much pressure against the stone wall that makes the dam the wall may be carried away. – The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope