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gentlewoman - 54 results
Other synonyms:

woman of breeding, doll, chick, bird, consultant, carpetbagger, noblewoman, wench, dame, brothel keeper, the intelligentsia, congresswoman, veteran, authority, congressperson, peeress, specialist, dove, observer, congressman, madam, ma'am, free marketeer, skirt, Eurocrat, intellectual, elder statesman, professional, pundit, lady, expert.

Examples of usage:

Through all his whirling confusion of thought, Adriance contrived to hold outward composure and acknowledge the introduction as he would that to any gentlewoman. - "A Man's Hearth", Eleanor M. Ingram.

But alas poor Gentlewoman! - "The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6)", Aphra Behn.

Gentlewoman, here is a poor distressed younger Brother. - "The Scornful Lady", Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.

Similar words:

Gentlewomen, gentleman, gentleman's gentleman, Gentleman Jim, Gentleman Johnny, gentleman's-cane, Gentlemen, gentlemanly.

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