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minx - 37 results
Other synonyms:

hussy, flirt, tantalization, chippie, teaser, tease, vamp, wench, girl, flirtation, prickteaser, ribbing, coquetry, annoyer, fishwife, fancy woman, miss, bitch, flirting, vamper, saucy young woman, toying, Jezebel, hoochie, teasing, doxy, trollop, coquette, dalliance, tramp, malapert, slut, whore, vexer, bimbo, queen bee, quean.

Examples of usage:

" You shall answer for this, you minx. - "Chicken Little Jane", Lily Munsell Ritchie.

As for that minx! - "Beyond", John Galsworthy.

I'll teach you, you minx, to play tricks with me. - "The Firelight Fairy Book", Henry Beston.

Similar words:

salt mine, sulfur mine, Sulphur Mine, strip mine, unconscious mind, subconscious mind, state of mind, run-of-the-mine, slip one's mind, time out of mind.

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