Synonyms for Bird:


nestling, fledgling, biped, big game, beast of burden, arachnid, bear, adult, arthropod, waterfowl. harridan, game, virago, princess, quail, battleax, arm candy, frump, witch. the many, society, person, people, humanity, folk, human, fellow, guy, your fellow man/men. fast, starve, pick. catcall, sounds. bird (noun)
dame, loon, bittern, mallard, weaver, robin, tern, goldfinch, pigeon, cassowary, magpie, jackdaw, jay, mourning dove, redwing, nuthatch, emu, cormorant, chickadee, turtledove, horned owl, plover, ringtail, pheasant, crested jay, myna, grouse, hawk, osprey, road runner, sandpiper, lark, sea gull, canary, rook, birdie, shuttle, eagle, parakeet, sheldrake, spoonbill, hiss, woodpecker, ibis, bald eagle, redbird, partridge, doll, skirt, grosbeak, peregrine, snipe, stork, boo, heron, albatross, raven, nightingale, hummingbird, parrot, wench, razzing, blue jay, owl, goose, egret, birdwatch, raspberry, bluebill, puffin, starling, hoot, cockatoo, dove, yellowbird, Bronx Cheer, shuttlecock, ostrich, crow, buzzard, pelican, condor, teal, vulture, bullfinch, grackle, quetzal, oriole, swift, waxwing, duck, dodo, gull, songbird, blackbird, sparrow, coot, wren, penguin, finch, chick, thrush, crane, peacock, squab, snort, swan, turkey, Canada Goose, booby, mockingbird, harrier, flamingo, cuckoo, kingfisher, curlew, macaw, falcon, cardinal, bluebird, lovebird, barn owl, fowl.
escapade (noun)
flying animal (noun)
fowl, game.
food (noun)
fowl (noun)
man (noun)


competition (verb)

Other synonyms:

Bronx cheer
Bronx Cheer.
harridan, frump, arm candy, virago, witch. catcall. fledgling
water bird
Other relevant words:
dame, nestling, doll, person, people, birdie, humanity, hoot, fellow, sounds, biped, arachnid, catcall, raspberry, skirt, adult, frump, princess, chick, hiss, society, snort, starve, waterfowl, birdwatch, battleax, razzing, folk, game, bear, human, shuttlecock, arthropod, quail, fast, harridan, guy, virago, wench, Bronx Cheer, boo, pick, witch, fowl, fledgling, shuttle.

Usage examples for bird

  1. No coming home to a silent house, my wild bird – Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir by Charles Garvice
  2. What a funny bird – Stories of Birds by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets
  3. If he is quick enough to catch his bird well and good. – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle