Synonyms for Issue:


declare, notify, announce, proclaim, bring forward, address, pronounce, inform. child prodigy, copy, cherub, boy, bairn, adolescent, imp, girl, boomerang kid, edition. disturbance, trials and tribulations, investment, difficulty, hardship, nuisance, baggage. lavish, distribute, printing, hand, words, hand over, part with, help, contribute. back-number, kin, brochure, broadsheet, comic book, get, compact, back copy, seed, back issue, biweekly, brood, comic, bulletin. easy, manufacture, can of worms, roll out, churn out, bang out, rush out, grind out. broker-dealer, bear market, bull market, bearish, bullish, bid price, bull, bondholder, bear. settlement, valentine, freebie, care package, largesse, benefaction, red packet, surprise. children (noun)
offspring, posterity, progeny, brood, seed, get.
communication (noun)
distribution (noun)
issuance, issuing, publication, circulation, supply, delivery.
edition of publication (noun)
copy, printing, number.
effect (noun)
aftereffect, result, effect, consequence, offspring, outgrowth, outcome, upshot, sequence, wake, aftermath, event, fruit, eventuality.
exit (noun)
efflux, runoff, exodus, drainage, egress, outlet, departure.
in dispute (noun)
uncertain, undecided, unsettled, controversial.
money (noun)
net worth, bill, profit, change, pounds, gross, moolah, receipts, petty cash, fortune, spending money, bank note, coupon, wampum, funds, check, silver, wherewithal, nugget, dollar, lucre, capital, sterling, coinage, note, promissory note, loot, bankroll, copper, assets, gold, ingot, dough, draft, wad, greenback, cash, income, scratch, bullion, treasure, balance sheet, currency, stock, swag, money order, money, wallet, purse, bond, iou, ways and means, wealth, pocket money, proceeds, worth.
offer (noun)
donation, bestowal, present, deal, quotation, offering, overture, invitation, approach, endowment, advance, citation, submission, bid, investiture, attempt, gift, concession, tender, offer, grant.
point in question (noun)
point, problem, matter, contention, concern, argument, subject, question, topic, puzzle.
posterity (noun)
lineage, posterity, successor, child, Family, descendant.
print (noun)
printing (noun)
publication (noun)
publication, printing.
release (noun)
circulation, distribution, delivery.
result (noun)
fruit, culmination, payoff, effect, upshot, end product, outcome, eventuality, consequence.


communication (verb)
publish, put out, release, bring out.
distribute (verb)
declare, publish, put out, announce, release, bring out.
exit (verb)
exit, outflow, exhaust, drain, discharge, depart, spout, run off, vent, outgo.
offer (verb)
give, impart, extend, endow, cite, bestow, render, quote, submit, invite.
question (verb)
puzzle, concern.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

difficulty, girl, grind out, boomerang kid, subject matter, declare, cherub, referent, notify, boy, bring forward, adolescent, handover, rush out, child prodigy, pronounce, inform, imp, can of worms, announce, nuisance, churn out, roll out, distribute, end product, proclaim, hardship. delivery, disturbance, baggage, manufacture, bang out, allotment, puzzle, distribution. printing, circulation, brood, presentation, corollary. harvest, ramification, provision. seed. address. appear
come forth.
go forth.
run off.

Usage examples for issue

  1. Matters of moment were at issue there, and with a love affair of his own upon his mind he could think of no undertaking less to his taste than this: of saving a young fool from his folly. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  2. But I will not promise that the issue shall decide my future course. – The Rector of St. Mark's by Mary J. Holmes
  3. The same idea had occurred to Mrs. Colston, but it was a side issue and she was not to be drawn away from the point. – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss