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question (verb)

puzzle, concern.

Other synonyms:

effect, final payment, have a go at it, go forth, relinquish, anaesthetise, investment, payoff, sales outlet, switch off, bailiwick, pick out, progeny, culmination, affair, cause, field of study, bull market, abridge, jazz, roll out, growth, takings, bang, offspring, eff, output, come, unfreeze, comic book, free, outlet, matter, baggage, tax return, circulation, let on, bondholder, girl, burden, snub, wages, have it off, get along, bulletin, notify, proceeds, discern, contract, anaesthetize, retire, nuisance, pop out, set off, reveal, put under, write out, stretch out, figure, bed, compact, come to the fore, words, settlement, dilute, comic, emerge, comeback, emersion, go away, trim back, hardship, abbreviate, rationalize, back issue, unloose, result, cut off, protrude, spawn, final result, have sex, wall socket, government issue, bother, precipitate, break through, answer, turn up, egress, ground, impression, bonk, lie with, counter, out, largesse, trend, loose, complete, do, item, printing, sheer, burn, return, imp, freebie, write, contend, get by, produce, supply, append, subject field, boy, back copy, grind out, allocation, solution, allotment, show up, distinguish, take, case, consequent, rejoinder, materialisation, smother, handover, publishing, anesthetise, leave, ramification, restitution, retort, coming back, topic, homecoming, conclusion, churn out, inconvenience, bit, disturbance, erupt, bulge out, issuance, inform, introduce, electrical outlet, paying back, know, come in, get out, sequent, telephone number, recognise, curve, production, slew, solvent, presentation, give away, step to the fore, hump, turn out, regaining, uncover, roll in the hay, let out, tailor, geld, spot, disoblige, referent, bring down, guinea pig, termination, come out, unloosen, reduce, red packet, bug out, national, uncertain, step forward, manage, essence, distribute, fate, wall plug, come on, event, hold out, bearish, recognize, resign, trim down, anesthetize, make do, print, swerve, get, discipline, broadsheet, screw, bairn, skip, retail store, expose, bang out, disregard, turn off, unsettled, fall out, unblock, depicted object, unveil, field, bulge, subject matter, undecided, subject, force, publication, thin, can of worms, bring forward, address, trials and tribulations, bring out, hand, riposte, child prodigy, ply, furnish, unwrap, consequence, proclaim, shorten, do it, publish, liberate, resultant role, get it on, put out, trouble, replication, distribution, write up, sequel, make love, difficulty, outcome, love, bullish, bull, rush out, neck, back number, thin out, edit, turn, reappearance, foreshorten, have intercourse, hand over, development, add, emergence, getting even, expel, get laid, core, materialization, egression, going, phone number, content, biweekly, release, subject area, appear, divulge, break, resolution, come forward, controversial, passing, secrete, delivery, hack, contribute, valentine, adolescent, place, have it away, income tax return, lavish, disclose, let go of, grapple, edit out, part with, study, rationalise, let go, cut, pop, cut back, bear market, edition, come forth, be intimate, push through, end product, seed, declare, announce, douse, import, corollary, return key, manufacture, recurrence, make out, copy, cope, benefaction, discover, provision, electric receptacle, care package, act, pronounce, yield, product, thing, exit, upshot, brochure, help, veer, way out, discommode, gist, young, come out of the closet, sleep with, brood, identification number, moment, fare, cut down, exsert, electric outlet, kin, surface, loss, trim, bribe, stretch forth, bring on, give up, slue, incommode, bear, restoration, bid price, cherub, military issue, eject, expiration, mercantile establishment, easy, step up, start, fill in, number, routine, reward, prune, numeral, ignore, end, cater, fill out, issuing, boomerang kid, surprise, sleep together, provide, harvest, resultant, backwash, broker-dealer, tell apart.

Examples of usage:

Matters of moment were at issue there, and with a love affair of his own upon his mind he could think of no undertaking less to his taste than this: of saving a young fool from his folly. - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.

But I will not promise that the issue shall decide my future course. - "The Rector of St. Mark's", Mary J. Holmes.

The same idea had occurred to Mrs. Colston, but it was a side issue and she was not to be drawn away from the point. - "Prescott of Saskatchewan", Harold Bindloss.

Similar words:

rights issue, take issue, non-issue, military issue, hot issue, government issue, issue forth, issus, Battle Of Issus.

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