Synonyms for Clerk:


chief justice, Attorney General, the bench, bailiff, attorney, circuit judge, advocate, the bar, saleswoman, barrister, seller, salesperson, salesman. notary, cashier, typist, assistant, registrar, greeter, file clerk, teller, secretary, booking clerk, bagger, auditor, checker, hawker, copyist, buyer, auctioneer, drummer. bellboy, housekeeper, salesgirl, hotelier, concierge, doorman, vender, commissionaire, desk clerk, bellhop, chambermaid. serve, minister, clergywoman, churchman, undercharge, reverend, religion, churchwoman, wait on, divine, clerical, cleric, overcharge, ring up, parson, ecclesiastic, clergyman, preacher. assistant (noun)
copyist, registrar, seller, notary, stenographer, auditor, recorder, salesperson, secretary, bookkeeper, teller, cashier.
clerk (noun)
shop clerk, salesclerk.
recorder (noun)
diarist, journalist, annalist, accountant, scribe, recorder, historian, bookkeeper, biographer, stenographer, chronicler, archivist, Memorialist, registrar.
secretary (noun)

Other synonyms:

commissionaire, chief justice, bellhop, chambermaid, cashier, barrister, hawker, bagger, attorney, Attorney General, salesperson, cleric, doorman, circuit judge, salesgirl, desk clerk, salesman, bellboy, clergywoman, bailiff, churchwoman, hotelier, booking clerk, housekeeper, vender, buyer, notary, greeter, undercharge, churchman. drummer, reverend, secretary, concierge, clergyman, ring up, checker, seller, parson, copyist, preacher, overcharge, ecclesiastic. clerical, advocate. minister. divine. serve. aide
file clerk.
Other relevant words:
auctioneer, housekeeper, bailiff, assistant, churchwoman, ecclesiastic, minister, chambermaid, registrar, drummer, reverend, clerical, overcharge, bellhop, barrister, checker, attorney, notary, salesgirl, concierge, buyer, commissionaire, salesperson, cashier, seller, serve, hotelier, vender, bellboy, shop clerk, preacher, salesclerk, hawker, salesman, parson, cleric, greeter, teller, clergywoman, auditor, undercharge, religion, churchman, doorman, saleswoman, bagger, accountant, advocate, copyist, divine, typist, secretary, clergyman.

Usage examples for clerk

  1. " He must have gone down the back stairs," said the clerk – The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way by Horatio Alger
  2. " If I ever go into business for myself," he thought, " Richard Dare is just the clerk I want to help me. – Richard Dare's Venture by Edward Stratemeyer
  3. My boy, my boy, you are very much too good to be a clerk at Mawson's! – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle