Synonyms for Reader:


chair, academic, editor, bibliophile, full professor, scholar, savant, don, fellowship, educationalist, bookworm, assistant professor, associate professor, educator. amish, benedictine, christendom, calvinism, rhetorician, anglican, announcer, benefice, acolyte, instructor, beadle, Bible-thumper, baptist. balance, charger, convertor, converter, student, blower, boiler, compressor, agitator, grind, carriage, user, calculator. omnibus, book, annual, authority, primer, almanac, text, autobiography, bestseller, bible, biography, blook, collection, anthology, atlas. teacher, professor. anyone admitted to a library (noun)
user, student.
book (noun)
bestseller, atlas.
booklover (noun)
one who makes a profession of reading aloud (noun)
rhetorician, announcer.
one who reads habitually (noun)
person (noun)
person who reads (noun)
primer, scholar, editor, anthology, proofreader, bookworm, lector, lecturer.
reader (noun)
referee, lecturer, lector, reviewer, proofreader, subscriber.
reading (noun)
speed-reading, readership, perusal, reading group, reading, sight-reading.
teacher (noun)

Other synonyms:

book lover
speed-reading, readership, reading, reading group.
Other relevant words:
fellowship, benedictine, autobiography, omnibus, instructor, charger, bible, calvinism, teacher, lecturer, acolyte, collection, atlas, reading, bookworm, baptist, professor, bestseller, calculator, annual, text, carriage, beadle, convertor, rhetorician, authority, compressor, perusal, biography, educator, book, readership, grind, educationalist, academic, agitator, anglican, benefice, sight-reading, chair, assistant professor, amish, don, christendom, announcer, savant, boiler, blook, blower, user, primer, balance, anthology, converter, editor, associate professor, student, scholar, bibliophile, almanac.

Usage examples for reader

  1. As I said, the reader must judge for himself whether this is perfectly serious. – Anglo-Saxon Literature by John Earle
  2. So the question of age will be left for the reader to settle to his or her satisfaction. – Animals of the Past by Frederic A. Lucas
  3. Pity Laura's not a mind reader – Peggy-Alone by Mary Agnes Byrne