Synonyms for Notable:


exceptional (adjective)
fantastic, Wonderous, superior, unusual, unprecedented, miraculous, remarkable, exceptional, fabulous, excellent, marvelous, phenomenal, outlandish, novel, exotic, peculiar, outstanding, noteworthy, extraordinary, wonderful, sensational, striking.
important (adjective)
grave, critical, big-wig, influential, pivotal, earthshaking, high-powered, salient, big-name, prominent, considerable, heavyweight, crucial, momentous, noteworthy, eminent, distinguished, important, world-shaking, serious, consequential.
important; famous (adjective)
memorable, eminent, striking, outstanding, prominent, great, noteworthy, pronounced, serious, Famed, distinguished, momentous, extraordinary, preeminent, well-known, illustrious, unusual, notorious, renowned, remarkable, celebrated.
irregular (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
legendary, reputed, esteemed, well-known, exalted, celebrated, distinguished, mythical, noteworthy, preeminent, notorious, famous, fabled, pronounced, renowned, memorable, elevated, illustrious, remarkable, popular, Famed, acclaimed, prominent.


eminence, lion, vip, nabob, big-timer, big wheel, dignitary, personage, bigwig, big shot, someone, muckamuck, somebody, leader, character. knowledge, hero, celebrity, personality, name. redoubtable, respect, great, prestigious. dignitary (noun)
interesting (noun)
gripping, alive, thought-provoking, interesting, intriguing, newsworthy, fascinating, original, spellbinding, exciting.
name (noun)
notable (noun)
far-famed, leading light, known, noteworthy, Famed, famous, luminary, notability, worthy, noted, renowned, celebrated, guiding light, illustrious.
person who is famous, important (noun)
eminence, worthy, vip, celebrity, personality, luminary, heavyweight, big wheel, big shot, somebody, name, leader, dignitary, lion, personage, notability.
someone (noun)
very important person (noun)
big shot, luminary, big wheel.

Other synonyms:

dignitary, nabob, muckamuck, big wheel, big-timer, bigwig, prestigious. somebody, someone, big shot, celebrity. great, redoubtable, lion. personality, hero. personage, eminence. name. leader. character. very important person
Other relevant words:
interesting, far-famed, leader, newsworthy, somebody, lion, eminence, vip, guiding light, notability, celebrity, luminary, personality, name, big wheel, great, big shot, dignitary, big-timer, muckamuck, prestigious, redoubtable, bigwig, character, noted, known, worthy, leading light, exciting, someone, nabob, hero, personage.

Usage examples for notable

  1. He had taken a notable fancy to Lorimer, but he avoided Errington in the most marked and persistent manner. – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  2. With a few notable exceptions they were cold, indifferent, even forbidding in their attitude and manner. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch