Synonyms for Calculate:


add up, ascertain, prove, subtract, dope out. anticipate, assume, think out, think over, take a long hard look at someone/something, take something into consideration. assay, size up, valuate. calculate (noun)
account, aim, cipher, compute, count on, cypher, direct, figure, forecast, reckon, work out.


calculate (verb)
account, add, appraise, approximate, assess, compute, conclude, consider, count, deduce, determine, divide, enumerate, estimate, evaluate, figure, gauge, guess, infer, judge, measure, multiply, plan, plot, presume, program, quantify, quantize, rank, rate, rationalize, reckon, schedule, scheme, score, study, sum, suppose, surmise, systematize, tally, think, total, triangulate, value, weigh.
cognition (verb)
cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work out.
compute or estimate amount (verb)
account, add, appraise, assay, cipher, consider, count, determine, divide, enumerate, figure, forecast, gauge, guess, judge, measure, multiply, rate, reckon, size up, subtract, sum, tally, value, weigh, work out, dope out.
measure (verb)
benchmark, calibrate, scale, survey, test.
plan on (verb)
aim, anticipate, assume, count on, plan, suppose.
think (verb)
analyze, brood, cerebrate, cogitate, concentrate, contemplate, debate, deliberate, envision, imagine, meditate, muse, ponder, reason, reflect, speculate.

Other synonyms:

add up, assume, valuate. add
figure, sum, tally.
add up
Other relevant words:
add up, aim, anticipate, ascertain, assay, assume, cipher, count on, cypher, direct, forecast, size up, subtract, valuate, work out.

Usage examples for calculate

  1. He spoke more loudly: " Are you makin' that bet for the sake of arguin', partner, or do you calculate to back it up with cold cash?" – The Untamed by Max Brand