Synonyms for Calculable:


able to be computed or estimated (adjective)
estimable, discoverable, countable, accountable, predictable, computable, reckonable, ascertainable.
predictable (adjective)


hexadecimal, divisible, average, even, double digit, binary, annualized, decimal, indivisible. calculable (noun)
estimable, denumerable, calculated, enumerable, derived, computable, numerable, countable, estimated.
measurable (noun)
predictable, ascertainable, discoverable, accountable, able, fore, reckonable.

Other synonyms:

hexadecimal, double digit, decimal, annualized, divisible. binary, indivisible. average. even. estimable

Usage examples for calculable

  1. He gave no sign of his own in calculable relief, nor did he give to Caesar the things which were Caesar's. – Notes of a War Correspondent by Richard Harding Davis