Synonyms for Accession:


court, the crown, crown, induction, commoner, inauguration, abdicate, accede, investment, installation, coronation, depose, dethrone. convention, alliance, bilateral, acquisition, axis, augmentation, the Geneva Convention, entente, ally. archivist, bookmobile, card catalog, art gallery, archive, carrel, annals, audience. accession (noun)
assenting, rise to power, addition.
addition (noun)
augmentation, enlargement.
agreement (noun)
capitulation, accordance, stipulation, settlement, understanding, accord, treaty, consent, empathy, concord, covenant, pact, acquiescence, promise, compact, arrangement, consensus, acceptance, deal, concurrence, concordance, agreement, assent, bond, contract, unanimity, pledge.
coming to power (noun)
induction, investment, inauguration.
concurrence (noun)
possession (noun)
something that augments, adds to (noun)
augmentation, enlargement, addition.

Other synonyms:

axis, coronation, crown, bookmobile, card catalog, installation, commoner, art gallery, dethrone, court, carrel, abdicate, annals, entente, the Geneva Convention, depose, accede, convention, archivist. ally, acquisition, audience, archive. augmentation. Other relevant words:
assenting, crown, ally, acquisition, coronation, induction, depose, enlargement, commoner, dethrone, investment, audience, rise to power, inauguration, archive, acceptance, addition, carrel, annals, accede, augmentation, court, bookmobile, convention, installation.

Usage examples for accession

  1. But with the accession of his son Hanun came a change. – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations by Archibald Sayce
  2. For many years after his accession I believe the Kaiser was genuinely anxious to preserve the peace of Europe and tried his best to do so, though I am bound to say that at times he adopted rather peculiar methods, a mingling of bullying and intrigue. – The Major by Ralph Connor