Synonyms for Time:


after, ahead, at, half-hour, forward, AM, around, fast, about. accidentally, coincidence, occurrence, fluke, unlucky, moment, serendipity, instant, event, incidental, stochastic, point, incident, accident, coincidentally, tide, occasion. andante, bar line, conditions, ARR, bar, bass clef, circumstances, con amore, allegro, con brio, circumstance, juncture, nowadays, clef, adagio. bounce, environment, swing, rhythm, tempo, context, state of affairs, situation, rate, accent, climate, position. big, dash, space, baton, drop back, false start, the blocks, come in, bit, dead heat, come. dribble, cross, kick, shoot, hook, knock, strike at, smash, play, pass. fix, move, rearrange, stretch, schedule, put off, postpone, reschedule, bring forward. length, irregular, long, basis, for the first/last etc. time, much, irregularity, frequency. countdown, distance, delay, block, chapter. hitch, short-term, split second, a bit, tour, sec. clock in, clock off, set, inning, watch, put forward, stint, put back, go back, punch out, trick, shift, punch in, bout, go, turn, reset. age (noun)
generation, lifetime, longevity, eon, oldness, lastingness.
break (noun)
opportunity, accident.
chance (noun)
circumstance (noun)
go, occurrence, incident, coincidence, event.
course (noun)
credit (noun)
loan, trust, terms, account, credit.
date (noun)
course, century.
day (noun)
duration (noun)
course, date, season, span, cycle, duration, era, spell, age, interval, epoch, length, measure, interim, aeon.
event (noun)
experience (noun)
background, participation, experience, living.
extent (noun)
stretch, extent.
indefinite duration (noun)
eternity, lapse, forever.
leisure (noun)
freedom, opportunity, liberty, chance, ease.
point of time (noun)
decade, hour, term, day, minute, month, millennium, century, microsecond, week, millisecond, semester, second, year.
speed (noun)
spell (noun)
time interval (noun)
time period (noun)
up-to-date (noun)
aware, modern, informed.


compose (verb)

Other synonyms:

accidentally, moment, clock in, serendipity, punch out, unlucky, coincidentally, coincidence, stochastic, circumstance, clock off, postpone, fluke. frequency, nowadays, reschedule, bring forward, rearrange, shift, today, much, inning, punch in, irregularity. put back, delay, put forward, accident, put off, reset, occasion, basis. bout, schedule, irregular, ahead, point, stint, modern. tour, go back. space. fix. present, long. move, bit. trick, pass. go. set. compose
point in time
without delay

Usage examples for time

  1. Isn't it 'most time – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue by Laura Lee Hope
  2. I'll ride him this time – Bull Hunter by Max Brand
  3. There's no time for more.... – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie