Synonyms for Clock:


drop back, dash, dead heat, come in, come, false start, baton, the blocks, ahead. alarm clock, analog, remember, fob, alarm, fob watch, big ben. thump, smack, stun, punch, bludgeon, beat up, beat, HIT, batter. see, observe, pick out, make out, glimpse, spot, fall, witness, catch. sound, fit out, measure, quantify, weigh, pace out, measure out, gauge. chronology (noun)
diary, minutes, chronology, timepiece, time card, timer.
chronometer (noun)
cuckoo clock, hourglass, sundial, metronome, stop watch, sand glass, grandfather clock, chronometer, watch, wristwatch, chronograph, egg timer.
clock (noun)
timekeeping device (noun)
chronograph, metronome, sundial, stopwatch, watch, timer, hourglass, big ben, timekeeper, timepiece, alarm, chronometer.
timepiece (noun)
time clock, grandfather, stopwatch, timekeeper, atomic, Horologe, wall, wrist watch, cuckoo, mission timer, time-marker, digital, clock radio, pendulum hourglass, electric.


change (verb)
chronicle (verb)
enumerate, note, record, inventory, chronicle, log, minute, Journalize, index, register, archive, catalog, account.

Other synonyms:

dead heat, time clock, false start, measure out, clock radio, quantify, stopwatch, pace out, drop back, fob watch, analog, big ben, alarm clock. alarm, fob, dash. come in, baton. weigh, come. gauge. ahead. measure. sound. Other relevant words:
stun, digital, atomic, thump, grandfather, punch, quantify, dash, see, come, spot, time, time-marker, sound, clock radio, HIT, cuckoo, alarm clock, Horologe, batter, bludgeon, glimpse, measure, big ben, witness, wrist watch, analog, observe, time clock, timekeeper, smack, alarm, baton, stopwatch, remember, beat, weigh, electric, wall, catch, fob, fall, ahead, gauge.

Usage examples for clock

  1. Many looked anxiously at the clock in the tower of the town hall. – Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout or, The Speediest Car on the Road by Victor Appleton
  2. The clock pointed to an hour at which it was declared that no one could come now- it was half- past nine. – A Hero of Romance by Richard Marsh
  3. She had been at the table, waiting for him, since the grandfather's clock in the hall struck eight. – Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed