Synonyms for Garb:


beachwear, black, civvies, coordinates, combats, baggies, black tie, casuals, accessory. guise, form, semblance, appearance. rig, turnout, Habiliment, put on, getup. article of clothing (noun)
clothes (noun)
duds, raiment, casuals.
clothing (noun)
camisole, coat, t-shirt, parka, bonnet, blazer, burnoose, chemise, attire, beret, trench coat, v neck, pants, jersey, cape, boot, guise, fedora, fez, smock, robe, ensemble, trousers, panties, sweater, dinner jacket, shorts, topcoat, hat, headdress, windbreaker, shawl, garment, skirt, shirt, tuxedo, greatcoat, apparel, dressing gown, fur, housecoat, halter, sweat shirt, turtle-neck, pillbox, tunic, petticoat, stockings, duds, brassiere, jacket, pea coat, crinoline, vestment, appearance, pajamas, pull over, blouse, wrapper, wrap, bathrobe, costume, habit, pinafore, nightgown, evening gown, trimming, gown, jumper, afghan, pyjamas, cloak, overcoat, smoking jacket, kilt, outfit, caftan, raiment, scarf, raincoat, clothing, corset, sports coat, shoes, clothes, array, semblance, sweat suit, poncho, homburg, form, sarong, bowler, slicker, Habiliment, ulster, footgear, frock, chapeau, sari, stetson, blue jeans, dress, slacks, kimono, suit, mackintosh, doublet, vesture.
garb (noun)
tog, habilitate, dress, raiment, garment, fit out, clothe, apparel, enclothe, attire.


fit with clothes (verb)
robe, fit out, tog, clothe.

Other synonyms:

Habiliment, getup. rig, guise. turnout. clothe
Other relevant words:
put on, coordinates, appearance, tog, clothe, turnout, rig, guise, habilitate, form, getup, Habiliment, semblance, enclothe, fit out.

Usage examples for garb

  1. But all this was the flesh, the garb of his thought. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  2. The old woman who, in the garb of Robin Hood, had been lying quiet in the cottage through all the uproar, jumped up nimbly at this. – Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden