Synonyms for Outburst:


beginning, appearance, arrival, onset, commencement, outset, starting point, start, conception, introduction. impulse, rush, eruption, outbreak, twinge, surge. access, gust. fit of temper (noun)
burst, outbreak, surge, eruption, access, upheaval, gush, gust.
flare-up (noun)
flare up.
outburst (noun)
burst, gush, flare up, tumultuous disturbance, effusion.


discharge (verb)
eruption, outbreak, disturbance, upheaval.

Other synonyms:

outbreak. twinge. access, gust. impulse, surge. rush. burst
burst, eruption.
flare up.
Other relevant words:
burst, twinge, start, conception, surge, gust, impulse, disturbance, rush, upheaval, eruption, outbreak, arrival, beginning, outset, commencement, onset, access, appearance, introduction.

Usage examples for outburst

  1. But after the first outburst of delight at their wishes being granted, people began to be a little frightened at the rapid effects of the magic water. – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  2. She was prepared for some violent outburst upon her words, but none came. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell