Synonyms for Length:


dead heat, remoteness, come in, clock, diameter, mileage, baton, unit, come, stride, longitude, dash, drop back, ahead, portion, false start, compass, the blocks, radius. aqualung, lane, pool, bathhouse, poolside, loftiness, diving board, nearness, diving bell, shortness, expansion, endlessness, infinity pool. irregular, frequency, irregularity, basis, much, rate, for the first/last etc. time, big. girth, depth, piece, way, gauge, thickness. line, pole, stick, strap, filament, string, spring, thread, strip. attribute (noun)
calculation (noun)
degree (noun)
plane, height.
extent (noun)
plane, territory, area, room, reach, volume, range, space, region, zone, plateau, field, scale, acreage, scope, extent, span, dimension, leeway, measure, neighborhood, stretch.
extent of object, distance, time (noun)
longitude, diameter, loftiness, season, stride, term, limit, compass, expanse, mileage, remoteness, expansion, interval, range, span, year, unit, radius, magnitude, portion, reach, space, endlessness, breadth, stretch, duration, measure, dimension, width, piece, height.
length (noun)
duration, distance.
line (noun)
measure (noun)
mileage (noun)
size (noun)
corpulence, measurement, amplitude, breadth, chunkiness, expanse, magnitude, width, capacity, height, bulk, bigness, proportion, largeness, Portliness, size, greatness.


extended (verb)
lengthwise, stretched out, long.

Other synonyms:

cubit, aqualung, centimetre, diving board, centimeter, infinity pool, bathhouse, diving bell, poolside, inch, cm. irregularity, filament, much, unit, frequency, thickness. girth, basis, lane, rate, ft, pool. irregular. strap, pole. way, gauge. depth. time, spring. piece, foot. thread, limit. strip, long. end. string. stick. in. arow
Other relevant words:
gauge, big, piece, pool, bathhouse, cm, interval, limited, clock, filament, thickness, irregular, limit, lane, ahead, depth, mileage, in, compass, long, basis, endlessness, duration, cubit, inch, stick, radius, much, centimetre, minute, week, strap, shortness, girth, end, frequency, day, centimeter, dash, longitude, bore, spring, season, come, nearness, unit, foot, month, strip, remoteness, poolside, irregularity, expansion, loftiness, portion, pole, year, lengthwise, diameter, aqualung, distance, line, thread, way, ft, time, string, rate, term, baton, stride.

Usage examples for length

  1. " You must be mistaken," she said at length – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  2. But she was engaged for a week, anyway, and whether satisfactory or not, Mrs. Van Reypen must keep her for that length of time, and that was all Patty wanted. – Patty's Success by Carolyn Wells
  3. At length I decided upon a plan. – The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood