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Other synonyms:

existence, quit, morning, anniversary, sunrise, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), cold, someone's getting there, have a fighting chance, afternoon, live, heyday, damp, golden age, morn, cockcrow, stop, sunup, chapter, evening, span, hot, peak, countdown, workday, daylight, afternoons, date, flowering, Clarence Shepard Day Jr., celebration, light, distance, end, mean solar day, bad, someone should/will go far, twenty-four hours, have something in your pocket, someone's day in the sun, twenty-four hour period, darkness, be halfway there, Clarence Day, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, holiday, breakthrough, be in/out of the running, stop work, you can't go wrong, bedtime, duration, pinnacle, block, prime, aurora, comeback, daytime, festival, call it quits, sun, solar day, life, be onto a winner, sidereal day, eve, high tide, dawning, daybreak, delay, even, glory days.

Examples of usage:

What day was it? - "Growth of the Soil", Knut Hamsun.

Is it her day? - "The Vultures", Henry Seton Merriman.

Then I may come and see you the day after to- morrow? - "The Twelfth Hour", Ada Leverson.

Similar words:

sidereal day, solar day, rest day, thanksgiving day, six day war, Texas Independence Day, saint valentine's day, Saint Patrick's Day, Robert E Lee day, salad days.

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