Synonyms for Motorcycle:


Harley Davidson, moped, dirt bike, cycle rickshaw. motorbike (noun)
BMW, Hodaka, chopper, YAMAHA, matchless, triumph, Greeves, Jawa, BSA, Norton, Garelli, Ducati, HONDA, polaris, sickle, Bridgestone, hog, dirt bike, pig, moped, SUZUKI, indian, Lambretta, Volocette, Bultaco, Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, Cimatti, vespa, Maico, racer.
motorcycle (noun)
bike, cycle.
motor scooter (noun)
dirt bike.
vehicle (noun)
car, hearse, boat, limousine, gondola, truck, taxicab, cart, motorcar, bicycle, cab, ambulance, armored car, buggy, jalopy, ferry, auto, brougham, coupe, station wagon, barge, automobile, coach, taxi, train, wagon, landau, bus, stagecoach, fire engine, conveyance, van, tractor, convertible, roadster, ship, jeep, vehicle, boxcar, sled, sledge, sedan.

Other synonyms:

Harley Davidson, moped, dirt bike. chopper. Other relevant words:
cycle, dirt bike, hog, chopper, bike, moped, racer, pig.

Usage examples for motorcycle

  1. He didn't even know where the motorcycle had been stored for the night. – The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston
  2. " I'd save it towards a motorcycle declared Billiard boastfully. – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown