Synonyms for Wing:


appendage, balcony, brickwork, alcove, beading, ceiling, cornerstone, pinion, feather, catacombs. air pocket, airborne, aerobatics, section, airspeed, airlift, aerospace, hall, projection, ell, air traffic control, airdrop, AIR CORRIDOR, addition, air-to-air. aft, ballast, altimeter, black box, unit, avionics, airfoil, bay, AWACS, flight, aileron, aerofoil, formation. apron, auditorium, backdrop, aisle, backcloth, box, box office, side, end, end of the line. beat, chirp, flap, back, coo, chatter, alight, cry, brood, caw, cheep. ballplayer, blue, conference, center, all-American, backfield, arm, boy, center forward. baseline, crease, clay, leaving, the bench, court, bowl, flying, the box, Progressing, bleachers, alley, Astroturf. bipartisan, dissident, independent, apolitical, front, liberal, ministerial, part, nationalist, the faithful. armor, boot, bodywork, bumper, organ, bonnet, axle, branch, bull bar, chassis, armour, agency, department. gallop, hasten, speed, race, surge, dart, charge, outpace, be quick on your feet. cockscomb, collar, crest, bill, gizzard, down, beak, comb. chop, chuck, cutlet, cut, chuck steak, brisket, beefsteak, chump, corn dog. addition (noun)
crew (noun)
club, fleet, school, team, mob, bunch, bevy, detachment, faction, clan, junta, outfit, battalion, complement, army, detail, retinue, covey, league, assemblage, platoon, brigade, coterie, flock, posse, troupe, hive, crowd, assembly, troop, body, gang, colony, party, litter, phalanx, division, pack, circle, nest, company, sect, set, staff, coalition, squad, group, tribe, crew, host, band, caucus, cell, aggregation, regiment, string, society, drove, clique, herd, cabal, collection, union, force, fraternity, ring, fellowship, cadre.
department (noun)
organ, device of flight (noun)
airfoil, feather, pinion, aileron, appendage.
school of thought (noun)
section; extension (noun)
circle, arm, group, addition, division, side, ell, annex, part, coterie, projection, set, faction, unit, detachment, clique, branch.
wing (noun)
backstage, extension, flank, annexe, offstage, fly, annex, fender.

Other synonyms:

branch. arm, dart. addition, department, hasten. agency. organ. feather
Other relevant words:
backdrop, chirp, alcove, all-American, flight, backcloth, end, apron, armor, agency, fly, cheep, ballast, bonnet, AWACS, ell, center, addition, armour, baseline, altimeter, crest, flank, aft, avionics, ballplayer, bumper, beefsteak, airlift, air-to-air, boot, hall, auditorium, aisle, clay, part, extension, conference, airspeed, blue, chop, leaving, nationalist, gallop, unit, beading, offstage, projection, cutlet, cockscomb, bay, caw, balcony, appendage, surge, independent, chatter, court, back, dissident, department, hasten, bowl, branch, aerobatics, chuck, airborne, alley, charge, aerofoil, coo, section, pinion, apolitical, outpace, formation, front, bodywork, down, feather, cut, speed, bleachers, fender, annex, organ, gizzard, aileron, ceiling, flap, airfoil, ministerial, race, alight, backfield, cry, chassis, box, brickwork, backstage, brisket, axle, beak, comb, crease, beat, collar, aerospace, bipartisan, bill, annexe, catacombs, liberal, arm, cornerstone, side, Progressing, chump, boy, Astroturf, airdrop, flying, brood, dart.

Usage examples for wing

  1. The answer came back: " Miss Wing will see you m a minute, sir." – Beyond by John Galsworthy
  2. White not only has a passed Pawn, but his King is in a commanding position in the centre of the board ready to support the advance of White's Pawns, or, if necessary, to go to Q B 5, or to move to the right wing in case of danger. – Chess Fundamentals by José Raúl Capablanca
  3. My wing is broken and I cannot hold it up. – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook