Synonyms for Yoke:


pin, clip. control, restriction, limitation, group, check, limit, confines, range, same, constraint, boundary, restraint. ligament, bond, knot, stick, ligature, batten, log, chipboard, nexus, wood pulp, Vinculum, stave, duckboards, board. servility, Helotry, thrall, servitude, enslavement, slavery, over, thralldom, Servileness, serfdom, bondage, villeinage. concrete, unify, consolidate, conjoin, coalesce, conjugate, combine, marry, wed, compound, assemble, meld. bondage, bond (noun)
ligature, slavery, serfdom, link, enslavement, nexus, knot, servility, Helotry, ligament, coupling, servitude.
couple (noun)
fasten, buckle, secure, hitch, bind, strap, tack together, mate, attach, bracket, splice, lay together, harness, conjoin, fix.
duality (noun)
duo, brace, match, pair, duet, dyad, twosome, doublet, two, span, couple, team, couplet.
thralldom (noun)
yoke (noun)
doubleton, coupling, link, duo, couple, span, twain, dyad, brace, couplet, pair, twosome, duet, distich, duad.


bond together; join (verb)
conjugate, combine, hitch, fix, bracket, splice, strap, harness, attach, buckle, secure, wed, fasten, conjoin, couple.
contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

ligament, conjugate, wood pulp, servility, chipboard, Servileness, Vinculum, villeinage, batten, conjoin, Helotry, duckboards, serfdom, hitch, nexus. thralldom, combine, unify, ligature, thrall, stave, slavery, servitude, meld, enslavement. wed, coalesce. knot, marry, compound, log, consolidate. bond, bind. board. bondage. stick. tackle
Other relevant words:
doubleton, fix, bond, restraint, fasten, duad, servitude, harness, splice, distich, nexus, conjugate, serfdom, constraint, Vinculum, thrall, mate, wed, villeinage, duckboards, bracket, enslavement, thralldom, strap, lay together, bondage, secure, Helotry, combine, board, Servileness, assemble, twain, slavery, knot, meld, bind, servility, ligament, coalesce, compound, batten, conjoin, hitch, attach, link, concrete, ligature, brace, chipboard, consolidate, buckle, coupling, unify, marry.

Usage examples for yoke

  1. Our tapestries show the figures of ladies and gentlemen present at this pretty ceremony- too pretty to associate with desperate Jeanne d'Arc, who at that very time was rousing France to war to throw off the foreign yoke – The Tapestry Book by Helen Churchill Candee
  2. I want just now to ask you to come with me as we talk together a bit about this second invitation, " Take My yoke – Quiet Talks on Service by S. D. Gordon
  3. Do that, and sit still a little, and they'll fasten the yoke we've groaned under on your necks. – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss