Synonyms for Material:


bodily, tangible (adjective)
incarnate, carnal, substantial, concrete, appreciable, objective, palpable, true, earthly, real, worldly, corporeal, physical, actual.
earthy (adjective)
earthy, temporal, earthly, mundane, worldly, secular, physical, carnal, base.
economic (adjective)
important (adjective)
fundamental, central, considerable, serious, vital, key.
important, relevant (adjective)
pertinent, key, serious, vital, significant, fundamental, meaningful, considerable.
material (adjective)
natural, worldly, physical, real, objective, substantial, tangible, concrete, corporeal, solid, palpable.
materialistic (adjective)
substantial (adjective)
meaningful, solid, significant, sturdy, immanent, actual, united, palpable, substantive, physical, tangible, appreciable, considerable, bodily, real, substantial, firm, important.


information, A to Z, report, detail, datum, data, news, word, fact, findings. notable, live, pertinent, to the point, salient, fit, much, appropriate. apparatus, gear, apparent, authentic, means, outfit, materiel, real world, accouterment, tackle, turnout, equipment, kosher, rig, paraphernalia, true, realistic. concentrate, agent, be, timber, wax, powder. fold, cut, fiber, pleat, yarn, gather. finale, opener, encore, intermission, repertoire, interval, grand finale, curtain call, bill. pack, paperwork, ephemera, packet, rewrite, papers, printed matter, documentation, correspondence. fiscal, monetary, financial, materialistic, pecuniary, materially, see dollar signs, finance, economic. herein, heretofore, hereby, hereinafter, hereunder, hereto, herewith, hereafter, foregoing. cloth (noun)
component (noun)
fragment, portion, medium, matter, item, article, element, percentage, segment, section, constituent, filament, part, piece, feature, component, ingredient, factor, fraction, member.
fabric (noun)
stuff, cloth.
material (noun)
incarnate, worldly, cloth, bodied, raw materials, corporal, staple, ore, touchable, corporeal, corporate, fabric, bodily, stuff, crucial, real, reincarnate, physical, textile, substantial, embodied, tangible, relevant, stock.
matter, fabric (noun)
ingredient, staple, substance, cloth, constituent, paraphernalia, stock, thing, element, component, tackle, equipment, body, gear, outfit, textile, object, stuff, materiel.
substance (noun)
something, substance, object, body, unit, thing, stuff.
texture (noun)
fabric, granulation, feel, fineness, pile, roughness, nap, surface, coarseness, touch, web, grain, grit, tissue, smoothness, weave, texture.
written matter (noun)
information, data.

Other synonyms:

hereunder, financial, herewith, pecuniary, accouterment, printed matter, powder, heretofore, gear, herein, encore, hereby, hereto, curtain call, hereinafter, concentrate. materiel, wax, paperwork, outfit, opener, apparatus, equipment, repertoire, grand finale, yarn, ephemera, hereafter, pleat, rig, foregoing, documentation, monetary, finale, materially, pertinent. interval, turnout, correspondence, rewrite, fiber. timber, finance, economic. packet. gather, fold, agent. tackle, bill. pack, cut. cloth

Usage examples for material

  1. The material however, seems to be the same. – A further contribution to the study of the mortuary customs of the North American Indians First Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1879-80, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1881, pages 87-204 by H. C. Yarrow
  2. A slight difference in the manner makes a very material one in the effect. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth