Synonyms for Materialistic:


all (adjective)
mercenary, worldly-minded.
bourgeois (adjective)
commercial (adjective)
pecuniary, mercenary, monetary.
materialistic (adjective)
earthy, object-oriented, greedy, unspiritual, Earthly-minded, possessive, acquisitive, carnal, material, secular, sensual.
secular (adjective)


financial, materially, see dollar signs, pecuniary, fiscal, economic, monetary, finance. sensual, body, material. materialistic (noun)
mercenary, worldly, worldly-minded, conservative, bourgeois.
mundane (noun)
carnal, object-oriented, earthy, unspiritual, Earthly-minded, material, acquisitive, capitalistic, greedy, possessive, secular.

Other synonyms:

financial, pecuniary. materially, monetary. economic, finance. sensual. material. temporal
Other relevant words:
capitalistic, pecuniary, Earthly-minded, object-oriented, monetary, fiscal, financial, material, sensual, finance, possessive, greedy, unspiritual, carnal, body, economic, materially, acquisitive, secular, earthy.

Usage examples for materialistic

  1. The love of study and ambition had sufficed thus far, but actuated by his own materialistic creed he was bound to make the most of life while it lasted. – His Sombre Rivals by E. P. Roe
  2. A materialistic explanation somewhat more probable was that the oil in the lock had been hardened by time so as to offer a slight resistance. – Equality by Edward Bellamy