Synonyms for Chemical:


concerned with atom and molecule change (adjective)
alchemical, synthetic, synthesized, actinic.
natural organization (adjective)
zoological, evolutionary, ecological, biological, genetic, organic.


catalyst, carboniferous, base, alkali, acid, agrochemical, element, compound. catalytic, anaerobic, active, alkaloid, concentrated, alkaline, aerobic, chemical equation, corrosive. analytic (noun)
made in the laboratory, alchemical, psychochemical, synthesized, petrochemical, artificial, biochemical, actinic, synthetic, ersatz.
chemical (noun)
hydrate, dioxide, monoxide, ammonia, chromate, salt, chemic, chloride, oxide, Tetroxide, ethyl, acetate, phosphate, citrate, chlorate, ether, peroxide, sulfate, borax, nitrate, cyanide, nitride, iodide, bisulfide, hydrocarbon, hydroxide, fulminate, bisulfate, bicarbonate, fluoride, bromide, methyl, carbide, silicate, formaldehyde, hydride, ketone, carbonate, sulfide, benzoate, borate, disulfide, alcohol, carbon dioxide, acetone, disulfate.
preservative (noun)

Other synonyms:

catalyst, chemical equation, compound, alkaloid, corrosive, alkali, aerobic, catalytic, anaerobic, carboniferous, concentrated, agrochemical, petrochemical, element. acid. base. active. alkali
Other relevant words:
compound, anaerobic, actinic, catalytic, biochemical, carboniferous, acid, catalyst, alchemical, alkali, active, synthetic, corrosive, alkaloid, alkaline, artificial, agrochemical, base, element, chemic, synthesized, concentrated, ersatz, aerobic, psychochemical, petrochemical.

Usage examples for chemical

  1. " A substance used to effect a chemical change in another substance. – The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island by Roger Thompson Finlay
  2. If one has the use of an oven provided with a chemical thermometer in the school kitchen, tests may be obtained so that the temperature of the oven in the home kitchen may be estimated. – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  3. Liquid chlorine machines are much more suitable than hypochlorite installations for supplies having no chemical control. – Chlorination of Water by Joseph Race