Synonyms for Ammunition:


nitroglycerine, the color of someone's money, depth charge, cannonball, projectile, evidence, illustration, grenade, tear gas, fuse, mark, shot, ball, poison gas, nerve gas, Lyddite, napalm, Melinite, gelignite, smoking gun, clip, round, proof, cartridge, trinitrocresol, gunpowder, demonstration, pointer, bomb, sign, suggestion, nitrate compound, cordite, trotyl, charge. ammunition (noun)
projectiles for weaponry (noun)
bomb, round, cannonball, shell, bullet, ammo, missile, napalm, shot, ball, armament, fuse, cartridge, charge, grenade, rocket, torpedo, gunpowder.
weapon (noun)
repeater, javelin, heater, claymore, boomerang, browning, cutlass, flamethrower, weapon, broadsword, lance, blowgun, ordnance, muzzle, peashooter, howitzer, rapier, mace, cannon, weaponry, Remington, machete, shotgun, battery, piece, luger, bomber, trigger, bullet, saber, arrow, armament, knife, bayonet, artillery, blunderbuss, machine gun, missile, ax, colt, mortar, rifle, sword, stiletto, club, pistol, spear, shell, musket, bazooka, sidewinder, dagger, firearm, Bilbo, gun, winchester, torpedo, blowpipe, handgun, revolver, bow and arrow, scimitar, carbine, shooter, rocket.
weapons (noun)

Other synonyms:

projectile. arsenal, armed, armory. ball, charge. testimony

Usage examples for ammunition

  1. The Confederate army needed arms, ammunition medicine, and supplies of many kinds. – Cuba, Old and New by Albert Gardner Robinson
  2. And, it was explained that a defeat on land meant not only the defeat of the German army but the defeat of the ammunition interests. – Germany, The Next Republic? by Carl W. Ackerman
  3. 7. But the great and national advantage is to be the relief of the present scarcity of money, which is produced and proved by, 1. The additional industry created to supply a variety of articles for the troops, ammunition he. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson