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trim - 427 results
Other synonyms:

defraud, reward, sheer, conquer, groom, bespoke, orderly, curb, climb, flog, prevail against, press cutting, cut off, write out, shipshape, superfluous, primp, fastidious, clipping, pasture, coif, border, diddle, uncluttered, issue, knock off, trig, overthrow, trimming, burn, raiment, wiry, slue, work, tailor-made, subdue, overcome, turn off, transform, flash back, slick up, worst, top-slice, bilk, apparel, slew, dress up, switch off, deoxidise, cutting, hack, dilute, edit out, get dressed, clear, deoxidize, comb out, cozen, surplus, plane, lash, trot, put down, spruce, strike down, coiffe, chisel, quash, vanquish, well-kept, master, clear-cut, beautiful, trimness, cleanly, smart, aerobatics, crop, arrange, symmetrical, reduce, cut, ignore, preen, melt off, subvert, sinewy, dapper, fell, gull, foreshorten, pare down, tighten, shade, harmonious, mulct, airborne, jog, lose weight, rook, slenderize, curve, mow, decoct, natty, shrivel, make out, well-groomed, delicate, dress, unornamented, supererogatory, airdrop, overlay, slim, restrict, neat, ahoy, decor, garment, press clipping, peel, manicure, clip, clean-shaven, newspaper clipping, enhance, scanty, make over, fit out, illuminate, bandbox, browse, lay into, embellishment, subjugate, unembellished, geld, deck, line up, beautiful, prim, supernumerary, tailored, stick, do, habilitate, repress, dainty, redundant, rationalize, thin out, shapeless, snip, sting, comb, push down, berth, take down, tailor, anchor, cornrow, captain, classical, excess, swerve, extra, lean, snug, attack, get down, gussy up, snub, snip off, passementerie, airlift, shapely, order, discerp, clean-cut, garb, turn out, air traffic control, chop, barbershop, cut out, air-to-air, freshen, trend, disregard, thrash, victimize, kept up, streamlined, surmount, pare, cheat, beat, boater, the America's Cup, pull down, fat, scale down, skip, bespoken, tog, lop, cultivate, tidy, condition, take, picked up, shave, bail out, straggly, canoe, land, fit, keep down, maintained, skin, braid, flimflam, ditch, the Admiral's Cup, handsome, petite, enclothe, made-to-order, beach, bring down, swindle, graceful, tidied, drop, impose, slim down, honest, prune, plain, crimp, range, inflict, thin, edit, cut short, best, bare, ace, whittle, air pocket, dress out, buzz, smug, sever, gyp, backcomb, win, set, boating, hide, curry, visit, garnishee, clean, coiffure, lick, boil down, spare, whip, detailing, trim down, defeat, halve, groomed, graze, slender, nice, let down, aerospace, well-balanced, eject, blow-dry, air corridor, garnish, rationalise, neaten, bank, nip off, disordered, cut down, come down, plume, down, increase, veer, willowy, cut back, rout, comely, knock down, antiseptic, airspeed, clothe, free, trim back, overturn, kempt, crisp, patterning.

Examples of usage:

Knowing that the vessel would not be found in sailing trim, Preble had issued positive orders that no attempt should be made to capture her, but that she should be burned. - "Stories of New Jersey", Frank Richard Stockton.

They keep in trim. - "The Wrong Twin", Harry Leon Wilson.

" The gossip, then, while I trim my nails. - "The Grey Cloak", Harold MacGrath.

Similar words:

trim back, trim down, trio, trip, trip out, round-trip ticket, round-trip light time, trip the light fantastic, trip the light fantastic toe.

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