Synonyms for Harbor:


catch, retreat, contents, fit, include. dockyard, inlet, wharf, harborage, dry-dock, embankment, anchorage, pier, mole, jetty, landing, breakwater, dock, basin. lie low, conceal, mask, tuck away, blot out, camouflage, obscure, house, submerge. board, domicile, room, cache, put up, bunk, bed, quarter, lodge, hideaway, hiding place, bestow, billet, berth. relive, recall, bring/call someone/something to mind, safety, think back, be stamped on your memory/mind, do something from memory, covert, stick in your mind/memory, recollect, attack, remember. artifact (noun)
cover (noun)
defense (noun)
cover, screen, countermeasure, return, buffer, counterattack, fortress, rebuttal, armor, backfire, barrier, stronghold, aversion, argument, answer, response, shelter, retort, security, support, protection, safeguard, resistance, wall, barricade, shield, guard, defense, reply, moat.
harbor (noun)
haven, shield, seaport, hold, harbour, nurse, entertain.
location (noun)
haven, harbour, seaport.
mooring (noun)
place for seclusion (noun)
harborage, cover, refuge, security, shelter, asylum, retreat, covert, sanctuary.
place for storing boats in the water (noun)
breakwater, haven, dock, inlet, anchorage, jetty, landing, pier, embankment, wharf.
refuge (noun)
foxhole, sanctuary, refuge, haven, dugout, hideout, asylum.


emotion (verb)
nurse, entertain, hold, harbour.
harbor (verb)
hide, protect.
hide, protect (verb)
entertain, lodge, shield, house, put up, guard, board, screen, safeguard, nurse, quarter, conceal, domicile, bunk.
hold in imagination (verb)

Other synonyms:

hideaway, dry-dock, wharf, hiding place, dockyard, include, dock. domicile, basin, landing, retreat, lodge, house, catch, safety. board, berth, bunk. fit, cache, quarter. bed, bestow. camouflage. break water
lie low, tuck away.
Other relevant words:
embankment, covert, berth, retreat, house, nurse, conceal, harborage, landing, fit, cache, board, quarter, domicile, basin, dockyard, bed, asylum, harbour, bunk, anchorage, inlet, seaport, lodge, breakwater, jetty, hold, safety, wharf, room, pier, bestow, entertain, dock, hideaway, mole, billet.

Usage examples for harbor

  1. Kate's was a nature too great to harbor resentment. – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  2. There were no ships in the harbor now, save the Defiance and the Zeelander. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  3. The same day, and not long afterwards, a British lieutenant from a vessel in the harbor came on board, and told me that he had had it hauled down, acting in place of his captain, who was absent. – From Sail to Steam, Recollections of Naval Life by Captain A. T. Mahan