Synonyms for Cache:


assembly, battery, assortment, agglomeration, bale, assemblage, bevy, batch. reserve, tuck away, blot out, lie low, backlog, stock, reservoir, conceal, hide, inventory, nest egg, obscure, mask, submerge, camouflage. CD ROM, boot disk, cache memory, cd-r, CDE, cd, blu-ray, buffer, CD RW. hideout, retreat, sanctuary, haven, hideaway, harbor, refuge, cover, hiding place. cache (noun)
squirrel away, stash, memory cache, hive up, lay away, hoard.
hidden supply (noun)
treasure, hideout, hoard, reserve, hiding place, supplies, storehouse, stockpile, repository, accumulation, store, wealth, nest egg, stash.
hoard (noun)
supplies, wealth, hidden reserve, reserve.
merchandise (noun)
stash (noun)
store (noun)
cupboard, bin, safe, supermarket, Corncrib, buttery, cellar, coffer, commissary, locker, arsenal, vault, larder, crib, silo, treasure, library, repository, mart, closet, granary, grocery, storage, lumberyard, emporium, depository, armory, market, storeroom, hayloft, depot, accumulation, storehouse, warehouse.
supply (noun)
reserve, stockpile.
wealth (noun)


hide a supply of something (verb)
save, squirrel away, lay away, accumulate, cover, conceal.
possession (verb)
squirrel away, lay away, hive up, hoard, stash.
store (verb)
hoard, archive, stockpile, accumulate, save, store, bank.

Other synonyms:

hiding place, hideaway, reserve, CD ROM, CDE, boot disk, hideout, refuge, cache memory, blu-ray, haven, cd-r, CD RW. stock, wealth, reservoir, backlog, nest egg, cd. inventory, sanctuary. harbor, conceal, hide. buffer, camouflage. retreat. cover. conceal
lie low, tuck away.
Other relevant words:
haven, hideout, hide, supplies, agglomeration, backlog, squirrel away, harbor, mask, cd-r, bale, wealth, nest egg, hideaway, cover, batch, conceal, memory cache, hive up, blu-ray, assortment, battery, inventory, reservoir, cd, CDE, obscure, camouflage, stash, reserve, sanctuary, assembly, stock, bevy, refuge, buffer, lay away, assemblage, submerge, lie low, retreat.

Usage examples for cache

  1. He remembered for instance, that certain stars would be sure to fill the sky in a particular relation to the cache – The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston
  2. They put them in Harding's cache – Smoke Bellew by Jack London