Synonyms for Palms:


blue ribbon (noun)
trees (noun)
figs, Oaks, mimosas, cottonwoods, oranges, quinces, chestnuts, lindens, Birches, hickories, larches, laurels, Mulberries, avocados, teaks, Cherries, Ashes, Balsams, cashews, tamaracks, Acacias, junipers, cassias, firs, maples, Ebonies, banyans, poplars, rosewoods, Coconuts, sycamores, willows, mangroves, citrons, lemons, hazels, Cypresses, dogwoods, balsas, apples, weeping willows, sequoias, alders, Beeches, magnolias, Locusts, mahoganies, Trees, elders, aspens, mountain ashes, eucalyptuses, spruces, Almonds, ironwoods, cedars, walnuts, yews, Apricots, limes, pines, breadfruits, pecans, sandalwoods, elms, butternuts, gums, redwoods, Pears, Peaches, papayas.
trophies (noun)
Crowns, garlands, memorials, markers, prizes, plaques, Trophies, cups, ribbons, souvenirs, remembrances, keepsakes, favors, treasures, Mementos, monuments, testimonials, Wreaths, commemorations, memorabilia.


acquires (verb)
obtains, incurs, amasses, gets, assumes, lands, wins, accumulates, garners, lures, purchases, secures, annexes, harvests, nets, buys, captures, claims, scores, receives, wrangles, collects, bags, acquires, retrieves, fetches, procures, corners, catches, takes, reaps, adds, heaps.
steals (verb)
lifts, heists, swindles, grabs, rustles, burglarizes, sticks up, Cops, plagiarizes, holds up, steals, plunders, filches, pirates, robs, nips, loots, pilfers, embezzles, shoplifts, poaches, abstracts, defrauds, swipes, pockets, hijacks, blackmails, extorts, mugs, Hauls, fleeces.
touches (verb)
kisses, grazes, touches, feels, plies, skims, paws, fingers, twiddles, contacts, rubs, manipulates, Strokes, palpates, brushes, caresses.

Usage examples for palms

  1. To the south we saw the date- palms of Berkat. – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson
  2. She slipped into the open corridor, where the palms hid her from view and the lights were low. – That Little Girl of Miss Eliza’s by Jean K. Baird
  3. Evans noticed, and drawing off his own coat spread it over the face and hands, covering them from sight; then, uncertain, he returned and sat down, mechanically holding his palms to the blaze. – A Breath of Prairie and other stories by Will Lillibridge