Synonyms for Wrapper:


buoyancy, credit crunch, deflation, Agronomics, boom, depression, austerity, capitalist, boom and bust, consumer confidence. blister pack, put on, matchbook, Bottled, carton, bubble wrap, case, matchbox, boxed. clothing (noun)
clothing, gown, blouse, attire, array, costume, apparel, duds, dinner jacket, skirt, coat, fez, turtle-neck, panties, parka, crinoline, topcoat, slicker, stetson, doublet, v neck, frock, beret, greatcoat, jacket, fedora, raiment, smoking jacket, shirt, sweater, scarf, trench coat, garb, bathrobe, boot, slacks, headdress, hat, dress, burnoose, ensemble, tunic, chapeau, homburg, shawl, raincoat, garment, pinafore, sweat shirt, shorts, jersey, sweat suit, pillbox, pyjamas, afghan, shoes, robe, housecoat, nightgown, outfit, bowler, sarong, tuxedo, ulster, pants, cape, kimono, cloak, trousers, petticoat, pull over, trimming, halter, smock, vestment, chemise, habit, wrap, suit, camisole, overcoat, t-shirt, brassiere, poncho, vesture, stockings, pajamas, caftan, bonnet, corset, sari, mackintosh, fur, pea coat, windbreaker, blazer, jumper, footgear, evening gown, clothes, kilt, sports coat, dressing gown, blue jeans.
covering (noun)
jacket, cover, wrap, folder.
dust cover (noun)
dust jacket.
envelope (noun)
dust jacket, covering, folder, book cover, cover.
folder (noun)
negligee (noun)
camisole, peignoir.
wrapper (noun)
neglige, negligee, wrapping, wrap, peignoir, housecoat.

Other synonyms:

cover. folder. case. Other relevant words:
covering, folder, neglige, peignoir, cover, negligee, case, dust jacket, wrapping, book cover.

Usage examples for wrapper

  1. I found the daughter in a black and gray silk wrapper seated on a lounge. – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  2. Mrs. Egg groaned and rolled out of bed, reaching for a wrapper – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various
  3. She rose, felt around in the clammy darkness for her wrapper and slippers, gained the door, crept through the dark hall to the dining- room, where she stealthily lit the lamp; darkness had become a terror. – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009