Synonyms for Qualification:


ba, aa, associate degree, need, 21, associate, bachelor's degree, 22, essential, advanced degree, Associate of Arts, criterion, requisite, requirement, baccalaureate. experience, gift, competence, proficiency, mastery, prowess, restriction. aside, acknowledgment, allusion, bromide, fitness, afterthought, backchat, suitability, bon mot, suitableness, worthiness, barb, eligibility, comment, back talk. term, limited, string, specification. ability, aptitude (noun)
eligibility, experience, competence, makings, fitness, suitability, suitableness.
competence (noun)
eligibility, fitness.
degree (noun)
fitness (noun)
limit (noun)
qualification (noun)
limitation, stipulation, exception, modification, condition, allowance, mitigation, catch, reservation, proviso, provision, makings.
requirement (noun)
requirement, restriction (noun)
requisite, need, allowance, stipulation, exception, modification, provision, condition, limitation, criterion, essential, reservation, proviso.

Other synonyms:

requirement, worthiness. specification, string. term. appropriateness
Other relevant words:
backchat, associate, requirement, string, competence, comment, fitness, requisite, specification, proficiency, aside, worthiness, term, eligibility, criterion, makings, bromide, gift, suitability, afterthought, mastery, limited, prowess, need, barb, baccalaureate, essential, experience, allowance, allusion, suitableness, restriction, acknowledgment.

Usage examples for qualification

  1. Beethoven could certainly have played cricket for the Rhineland on a strict birth qualification but he was distinctly of Dutch blood, and took the precaution of leaving Germany for Austria as soon as he could. – Shakespeare and Music by Christopher Wilson
  2. Finally, Spencer introduced the following qualification – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson