Synonyms for Shield:


champion, defender, guardian, guardian angel, lifesaver, precaution. attack, preservation, protector, watch over, stand up for, keep (a) watch. baton, body armor, boot, breathalyzer, cruiser, cuffs, billy club, Denver boot, flak jacket. blindfold, face mask, mask, Gas Mask. blue-ribbon, bronze, bronze medal, cup, gold, gold medal, gong, medal, prize, ribbon. coat of arms, escutcheon, herald, heraldry. buckler (noun)
absorber, bumper, pavis, Targe.
defense (noun)
argument, armor, aversion, barrier, countermeasure, defense, fortress, harbor, moat, protection, rebuttal, resistance, response, security, stronghold, wall.
protection (noun)
absorber, armor, buckler, buffer, bumper, cover, defense, escutcheon, guard, safeguard, screen, security, shelter, ward.
resistance (noun)
shade (noun)
awning, blind, canopy, curtain, lamp shade, panoply, parasol, shade, shadow, shutter, sunshade, umbrella, veil, venetian blind, visor, blinders.
shield (noun)
buckler, harbor, harbour, screen.
title (noun)
bestowal, chevron, colors, coronet, crest, crown, decoration, garland, grace, highness, honor, place, position, rank, reverence, role, seniority, title.


competition (verb)
cover (verb)
defend (verb)
answer, argue, avert, backfire, bar, barricade, buffer, counter, counterattack, cover, defend, fend, guard, oppose, police, protect, rebut, reply, resist, respond, retort, return, safeguard, save, screen, secure, shelter, support, sustain, uphold, ward.
perception (verb)
harbor, harbour.
protect (verb)
conserve, defend, fend, harbor, maintain, preserve, secure.

Other synonyms:

blindfold, champion, coat of arms, escutcheon, guardian angel, heraldry, precaution, Gas Mask, stand up for. defender, face mask, guardian, lifesaver. preservation. mask. herald. champion
watch over.
Other relevant words:
absorber, attack, baton, blindfold, body armor, boot, breathalyzer, bronze, buckler, bumper, champion, coat of arms, cruiser, cuffs, cup, defender, escutcheon, face mask, gold, gong, guardian, guardian angel, harbour, herald, heraldry, lifesaver, mask, medal, pavis, precaution, preservation, prize, protector, ribbon, watch over, Targe.

Usage examples for shield

  1. " Don't make me tell you why I think you are trying to shield them, David, by taking the shame on yourself," she pleaded. – Madge Morton's Trust by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  2. He had tried to shield Miss Lloyd's name and had failed. – The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells
  3. " At least I shall not ask you to shield me," he answered proudly. – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman