Synonyms for Sandbag:


protect, shelter, defend, guard, keep (a) watch, save, stand up for, watch over, safeguard, shield. barricade, fence, balustrade, barbed wire, chain-link fence, cattle guard, barricade tape, chicken wire, barrier, fencing. disturb, stop, prevent, keep from, thwart, bar, restrain, check, silence. sandbag (noun)
railroad, stun, dragoon.


force (verb)
inhibit (verb)
check, stop, bar, restrain.
obstruct (verb)
shield, thwart, barricade.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
disturb, guard, balustrade, save, barrier, barricade, fence, fencing, thwart, shield, protect, safeguard, restrain, defend, stop, bar, silence, shelter, prevent.

Usage examples for sandbag

  1. There, waterlogged in earth, were the remains of a sandbag barricade built across the trench. – Letters from France by C. E. W. Bean