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sandbag - 48 results
Other synonyms:

pressure, check, make, dragoon, constrain, save, disturb, impress, guard, protect, press, stupefy, oblige, coerce, keep (a) watch, chain-link fence, barricade tape, watch over, keep from, muscle, stand up for, bedaze, blackjack, compel, shield, silence, barrier, balustrade, chicken wire, obligate, defend, barricade, daze, fence, stun, shelter, railroad, bar, safeguard, thwart, stop, fencing, impel, barbed wire, restrain, drive, cattle guard, prevent.

Examples of usage:

You're the only person I've shown it to, and I'm not afraid you'll sandbag me." - "The Grell Mystery", Frank Froest.

No doubt they might have been built up with sandbag parapets, but this apparently was not thought necessary, owing, no doubt, to the fact that the inundation pushes back the German lines for nearly two miles. - "The Adventure of Living", John St. Loe Strachey.

There, waterlogged in earth, were the remains of a sandbag barricade built across the trench. - "Letters from France", C. E. W. Bean.

Similar words:

sandbar, sandbar shark, sandarac, santiago, sandarac tree, Santiago De Chile, Santiago De Cuba, Santiago De Los caballeros, Santiago Ramon Y cajal.

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