Synonyms for Screen:


bus, accelerator card, A drive, envelope, ADC, AGP, back end, accelerated graphics port, base hardware, auxiliary device, bridgeware. blank, box, active window, cell, avatar, button, tube, checkbox, blip, button bar. bowdlerize, report, expurgate, break, broadcast, come-on, beam, include, televise, run, transmit. apron, backcloth, balcony, backstage, aisle, backdrop, box office, auditorium. check over, inspect, scrutinize, review, check, monitor, study, go over. anesthetize, bandage, catheterize, bring back, anaesthetize, bleed, bypass, catch, attend, cauterize. defender, lifesaver, champion, guardian, protector, guardian angel, precaution. barbed wire, fence, barricade tape, chicken wire, balustrade, fencing, chain-link fence, cattle guard. clerestory, dado, front, facing, baseboard, damp, firewall, frieze, corner, gable. lie low, tuck away, blot out, submerge. jalousie, drapes, lace curtain, curtain rod, full-length, roller blind. cinematic, cut, FX, FPS, celluloid, Bollywood, the big screen, cinematography. artifact (noun)
Crt Screen, blind.
covering (noun)
defense (noun)
aversion, armor, barrier, argument, moat, response, protection, rebuttal, security, fortress, defense, stronghold, resistance, harbor, countermeasure, wall.
dimness (noun)
protection used in or as furniture, motion picture display (noun)
cloak, canopy, concealment, awning, mask, shelter, partition, security, shield, envelope, curtain, shroud, shade, guard, cover, veil.
resistance (noun)
screen (noun)
block out, concealment, projection screen, shield, cover, sort, test, covert, screen out, silver screen, Crt Screen, hideout, riddle, blind, sieve.
shade (noun)
canopy, blind, curtain, awning, shadow, veil, shutter, sunshade, venetian blind, parasol, panoply, visor, umbrella, shade, lamp shade, blinders.


conceal (verb)
camouflage, hide, disguise, censor, cloak, conceal, bury, enshroud, mask, hush, obscure.
defend (verb)
backfire, shield, uphold, defend, oppose, avert, sustain, respond, return, fend, cover, barricade, save, buffer, secure, safeguard, shelter, protect, guard, argue, resist, reply, retort, ward, counterattack, counter, rebut, bar, police, answer.
examine and choose (verb)
grade, sieve, sort, sift, eliminate, riddle.
hide, protect (verb)
bury, blind, camouflage, disguise, shutter, seclude, block out, safeguard, shadow, shut off, secure, conceal, obstruct, fend, defend, separate, obscure.
order (verb)
arrange, chart, compose, program, support, sift, collate, harmonize, unsnarl, pigeonhole, categorize, organize, marshal, normalize, rank, adjust, unify, shape, stratify, maintain, regulate, rate, prepare, type, structure, scheme, orchestrate, balance, Methodize, subordinate, plan, devise, mediate, array, order, class, systematize, separate, rationalize, frame, sort, score, set, grade, settle, place, schedule, group, control, establish, integrate, design, fix, schematize, right, classify, cast, stabilize, form, plot.
screen (verb)
cover, enshroud, hide.
seclude (verb)
blacklist, boycott, deport, evict, cloister, blackball, seclude, alienate, exclude, cordon, extradite, reject, eliminate, isolate, expel, remove, exile, banish, segregate, insulate, oust, eject, excommunicate, ostracize, sequester, expatriate, detach, disbar, confine, extirpate, closet.
shade (verb)
cover, obscure, blind, curtain, veil, hide, shade.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

jalousie, drapes, bowdlerize, roller blind, lace curtain, televise, curtain rod. expurgate, shroud, transmit, beam, broadcast. come-on. obstruct, full-length. run. conceal
tuck away, lie low.

Usage examples for screen

  1. No behind- a- screen or next- room business? – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. " Excuse me, sir; leave me rather here behind my screen – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. I was actually afraid to think, even behind a Prime screen – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith