Synonyms for Bowed:


arced (adjective)
bent (adjective)
rounded, arched, curved, arciform, arced, warped.
curved (adjective)
hanging, sagging, rounded, crooked, curvilinear, bent, curved, hooked, parabolic, arched, serpentine.


digital, ingrown, bow-legged, flat-footed, asleep, ambidextrous, fused, fracture, straight, curvilinear. bowed (noun)
bandy, curving, bowing, bowlegged, bandy-legged, bent, unfit, arching, arciform, curved, arcuate, inclined, arched, bowleg, submissive, unerect, arced.


bent (verb)
warped, contorted, twisted, Refracted, Flexed, Deflected.
complied (verb)
Caved, Succumbed, fulfilled, Complied, Obeyed, accepted, observed, respected, Yielded, deferred, Submitted, Concurred, kowtowed, Acquiesced, Capitulated, Assented, knuckled under, bent, Consented, Conformed, Genuflected, surrendered, agreed, Adhered, Ceded.
curved (verb)
Cambered, swept, Hanged, Swerved, Sagged.
greeted (verb)
Embraced, Nodded, shook hands with, received, Signaled, Kissed, Accosted, hailed, Saluted, Greeted, Waved, shaken hands with, Approached, welcomed, curtsied, Smiled, Hugged, Vociferated, noticed, acknowledged.

Other synonyms:

asleep, ambidextrous, curvilinear, bow-legged, ingrown. fused, digital, flat-footed. Other relevant words:
bandy, bow-legged, inclined, bowing, bowleg, bowlegged, arciform, bandy-legged, arched, ingrown, asleep, arcuate, unerect, unfit, digital, fused, flat-footed, curving, arching, arced, submissive, curvilinear, ambidextrous, fracture.

Usage examples for bowed

  1. He bowed but he could not speak. – The Boys' Life of Mark Twain by Albert Bigelow Paine
  2. For very joy King Etzel's wife bowed low before the knight. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  3. I bowed and walked on beside her. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli