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curlicue - 37 results
Examples of usage:

The King, having asked for and received a portrait of this Princess, had it placed in his great hall under a canopy, and sent for Prince Curlicue, to whom he said that as this was the portrait of his future bride, he hoped the Prince found it charming. - "The Red Fairy Book", Various.

Then the lady turned to Prince Curlicue, and said: 'I know that it is to you I owe my deliverance from an enchantment which has held me for two hundred years. - "The Red Fairy Book", Various.

Knowing that the King would certainly have their heads cut off for allowing the Prince to escape, they then agreed to say that he was ill, and after making the smallest among them look as much like Prince Curlicue as possible, they put him into his bed and sent to inform the King. - "The Red Fairy Book", Various.

Similar words:

Curlycup Gumweed, curious, cursive, curling, leg curling.

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