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consume (verb)

exhaust, devour, spend, dissipate, deplete, expend.

Other synonyms:

engage, follow out, follow up, stimulate, fool away, possess, work through, draw, deliver, fare, gather in, absorb, follow through, take in, take aim, experience, partake, study, immerse, macerate, cancel out, cut down, realize, liquidate, bring, tire, knock down, trifle away, clear, neutralize, sweep away, guide, refine, run down, save, contract, need, desolate, gain, engross, rent, look at, have got, assimilate, withdraw, demand, drive, rust, tuck, call for, use, slang, pull in, exhaust, manage, utilize, fool, carry out, earn, go, run off, view, lead, consider, wash up, down, destroy, sear, eat up, pour down, catch, scorch, push down, land, train, run through, chow, polish, subscribe, torch, eradicate, hire, eat on, admit, languish, lease, collect, draw down, fine-tune, throw, hold, realise, put one over, exact, make, invite, watch, devastate, induce, monopolize, claim, acquire, select, let, choose, excite, put down, to the ground, tucker, eject, pine away, overhear, fill, postulate, subscribe to, enthuse, fritter away, involve, contain, awareness, draw on, give, finish, deplete, drink down, neutralise, decimate, rot, drink up, eliminate, take, attract, remove, swallow, obliterate, extinguish, dupe, employ, ravage, bolt down, imbibe, shoot down, carry off, accept, receive, carry, befool, dazzle, exploit, sap, film, go through, read, lay waste to, scourge, dispatch, corrode, play out, increase, birth, belt down, sustain, assume, feature, try, burn, implement, give birth, require, occupy, pass, put one across, strike, suck up, cause, expel, guttle, intrigue, see, suffer, help, put away, ingest, wipe out, raven, beat, pull down, use up, conserve, soak up, toss off, discharge, ask, obsess, singe, demolish, swallow up, devour, suck in, annihilate, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, erase, take on, ingestion, wear out, do in, make use of, finish off, direct, have, take away, haunt, motivate, pack, riot away, adopt, run out of, fall back on, waste, emaciate, aim, own, set light to something, pop, cod, tucker out, drain, get hold of, put on, overwhelm, suck, get, necessitate, sop up, pick out, interest, blow, polish off, take up, bear, knock off, release, conduct, convey, put through, incinerate, go across, charter, throw away, preoccupy, go toward, ware, squander, submit, shoot, gull, touch, burn down, learn, apply, kill, bring in, inspire, drink in, fire someone with enthusiasm, bury, pig, deal.

Examples of usage:

If there arose a grief in the heart of one of his creatures not otherwise to be destroyed, he would take it into himself, there consume it in his own creative fire- himself bearing the grief, carrying the sorrow. - "Donal Grant", George MacDonald.

If the sowing is done early, in fall or spring, less seed may be used than if the sowing is late, because the early sowing gives a better chance for root development, which results, ordinarily, in more vigorous plants that consume more moisture than the smaller and weaker plants of later sowing. - "Dry-Farming", John A. Widtsoe.

Thus cares on cares his painful days consume, And bow his age with sorrow to the tomb! - "The Odyssey of Homer", Homer, translated by Alexander Pope.

Similar words:

confuse, confute, conium, Conium Maculatum, confine, confide, confused, tacit consent, safe-conduct, disorderly conduct.

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