Synonyms for Consume:


dazzle, attract, enthuse, interest, motivate, intrigue, put away, fire someone with enthusiasm, inspire. finish off, fritter away, conserve, make use of, draw on, exploit, use, wear out, save, apply, utilize, go toward, fall back on, employ, drain, run out of. demolish, try, destroy, manage, touch. overwhelm, obsess, to the ground, sear, set light to something, haunt, preoccupy, singe, scorch, incinerate, burn down, torch. partake, ingestion, fare, chow. dispatch. draw down, increase. go. riot away, trifle away, throw away, fool away. help. excite, monopolize, awareness. consume (noun)
down, eat up, run-through, have, devour, deplete, take, use up, waste, ware, exhaust, squander, go through, ingest, wipe out.


consume (verb)
deplete, spend, dissipate, exhaust, expend.
consumption (verb)
go through, down, devour, demolish.
destroy (verb)
overwhelm, demolish.
eat (verb)
eat, feast, breakfast, picnic, sup, drink, grub, ingest, feed, bite, gulp, taste, lunch, dine, devour, snack.
eat, drink (verb)
feed, take, partake, snack, down, ingest, gulp.
use up (verb)
dissipate, devour, preoccupy, exhaust, throw away, wear out, fritter away, employ, expend, apply, deplete, utilize, eat up, put away, go through, obsess, drain, squander, run out of, go, monopolize, waste, spend.

Other synonyms:

employ, exploit, fall back on, destroy, fritter away, preoccupy, utilize, burn down, go toward, apply. draw on, torch. sear. use, try, partake, dispatch. fare. drain. manage. touch. go. drink
polish off
finish off.
run through
use up
use up, run out of, go through.
waste, throw away.
Other relevant words:
try, ingestion, ware, interest, intrigue, take, motivate, preoccupy, run out of, incinerate, awareness, fool away, down, monopolize, use up, riot away, go, touch, increase, go through, manage, fritter away, haunt, fare, eat up, apply, have, partake, put away, exploit, sear, help, scorch, finish off, chow, squander, inspire, save, destroy, conserve, singe, torch, wipe out, trifle away, drain, throw away, overwhelm, attract, enthuse, waste, dispatch, employ, obsess, demolish, wear out, use, make use of, burn down, draw down, utilize, excite, dazzle.

Usage examples for consume

  1. If the sowing is done early, in fall or spring, less seed may be used than if the sowing is late, because the early sowing gives a better chance for root development, which results, ordinarily, in more vigorous plants that consume more moisture than the smaller and weaker plants of later sowing. – Dry-Farming by John A. Widtsoe
  2. Thus cares on cares his painful days consume And bow his age with sorrow to the tomb! – The Odyssey of Homer by Homer, translated by Alexander Pope