Synonyms for Hemorrhage:


allergy, amenorrhoea, amnesia, acidity, alcoholism, alopecia, acne, amenorrhea, adhd, add. vacate, give/hand in (your) notice, hand in your notice/resignation, bow out, retire, stand-down, leave, step aside, resign, quit. clot, flutter, lurch, hammer, jump, beat, fur up. hemorrhage (noun)
bleed, haemorrhage, shed blood, bleeding.


discharge (verb)
illness, injury, Hemorrhea, issue, Bloody flux, effusion, emission of blood.

Other synonyms:

injury. lurch, clot. flutter. hammer. jump, beat. Other relevant words:
Hemorrhea, injury, hammer.

Usage examples for hemorrhage

  1. You came in to stop that terrible hemorrhage from the lungs from which she was suffering." – A Girl in Ten Thousand by L. T. Meade