Synonyms for Borrowing:


americanism, acrostic, clue, anagram, archaism, chant, Arabism, catch-all, anglicism. arrears, home loan, liability, balance, debt, bill, due, debit, borrowings, bad debt. creditor, compound interest, foreclose, creditworthiness, extension, financier, debt collector, borrowing power, creditworthy. act (noun)
appropriating (noun)
accepting a loan, financing.
borrowing (noun)
renting (noun)
importing, accepting a loan, mooching, Cadging, financing, Bumming, freeloading, taking, Hiring, Adopting, assuming, using, Imitating, Utilizing, Plagiarizing.


borrowing (verb)
Obtaining, Appropriating.
debiting (verb)
Debiting, Pledging, Deducting.

Other synonyms:

anagram, borrowing power, Arabism, creditor, americanism, compound interest, debt collector, anglicism, creditworthiness, chant, acrostic, archaism, creditworthy, foreclose, financier. catch-all, clue. extension. Other relevant words:
due, assuming, Imitating, liability, Plagiarizing, bad debt, foreclose, creditor, financing, bill, americanism, extension, anglicism, creditworthiness, debt, Adopting, adoption, catch-all, Cadging.

Usage examples for borrowing

  1. I found the serpent that tempted Me, sitting waiting in my own armchair, and bent on nothing worse than borrowing a trifle of money. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. " Somebody might,- but I am not borrowing – The Spoilers of the Valley by Robert Watson
  3. Bert answered, harshly, Borrowing money for a business is one thing, and borrowing money to pay for household bills is another! – Undertow by Kathleen Norris