Synonyms for Blanket:


comprehensive (adjective)
absolute, unconditional, sweeping.
inclusive (adjective)
indiscriminate (adjective)
promiscuous, jumbled, indiscriminate, undiscriminating, undistinguishing, undirected.
wide-ranging (adjective)


surface, paint, plate, membrane. whole, Everything, all, the sum total, wholesale, complete, altogether, all-or-nothing. bugbear, bogie, anxiety, demons, bogey, canker, bugaboo, put on, cap, cancer, concern. smother, insulate, recover, crown. all-inclusive (noun)
unconditional, comprehensive, sweeping, absolute.
artifact (noun)
bedclothes (noun)
afghan, bolster, bedding, counterpane, bedlinen.
bedding (noun)
eiderdown, bedclothes.
bedspread (noun)
eiderdown, bedspread, bedclothes, coverlet, bedcover, quilt, comforter, spread, sheet, linen, sheeting.
blanket (noun)
sheet, cloak, bedspread, envelope, sweeping, layer, bedcover, comprehensive, wrapping, mask, coating, coat, covering, coverlet, mantle, cover, overlay, conceal.
cover, covering (noun)
envelope, coat, layer, afghan, sheet, coverlet, sheath, coating, comforter, quilt, cloak, covering.
covering (noun)
patina, coating, screening, canopy, veneer, wrapping, skin, covering, dermis, shroud, casing, envelope.
envelop (noun)
bury, overspread, conceal.
layer (noun)
layer, hierarchy, Strata, graduation, story, level, lamination, mantle, tier.
object (noun)


cover (verb)
conceal, overspread, cloak, mask, overlay, veil, envelop, encase, cover, wrap, bury, sheath, enshroud, crown, coat.

Other synonyms:

bugbear, bogey, surface, absolute, paint, insulate, bugaboo, membrane, plate. anxiety, canker, cancer, recover, smother. crown, bury. cap. concern. bedclothes
afghan, bolster, bedding, counterpane, bedlinen.
overspread, encase.
Other relevant words:
cancer, membrane, overspread, surface, wholesale, comprehensive, anxiety, absolute, unconditional, Everything, crown, bedding, bugbear, plate, put on, concern, smother, bury, all, altogether, paint, cap, conceal, bedlinen, bugaboo, sweeping, demons, bogie, insulate, complete, whole, bolster, all-or-nothing, bogey, recover, canker, counterpane, afghan.

Usage examples for blanket

  1. And Grant Harlson returned not home that night; yet the moon, shining through the trees, revealed no form upon a blanket in the garden. – A Man and a Woman by Stanley Waterloo
  2. " One army blanket except in extremely cold weather," said the doctor. – A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  3. Do you expect the doctor to lie comfortable in his blanket when there's some one around with a pain? – The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner